MapleStory M is the mobile version of the fan-favorite MMORPG MapleStory that came out globally last July for both Android and iOS. With its huge update recently, Evan – the magician Dragon Master - is finally here. Alongside his appearance, a few brand-new mini-games are also here as well as some seasonal events. Wait no more, let’s hop in to explore all the changes.

MapleStory M - Evan
Dragon Master Evan has arrived in MapleStory M

Evan, Dragon Master’ last descendant, has to tame Mir, a remarkable Onyx Dragon. His skills include calling upon Mir, firing its brutal dragon breath and also flying around on Mir’s back. Here is the skill preview of him:

Additionally, the Mini-Game Station is now available, introducing 4 mini-games to choose from. You can get coins from this feature and purchase items from its shop! Watch the preview of the Mini-Game Station here.

Events, events, and more events!

In the light of the holiday spirit, many festive events are now available to join along with special character events. We’ve listed out details for such events of MapleStory M as below:

  • Evan Burning (now - Jan 17) – characters from levels 3 to 75 will gain 2 additional levels every time they level up.
  • Christmas Tree Decoration (from Dec 24 - Jan 5) – Decorate your Christmas trees using special ornaments to gain yourself Tree EXP.
  • Evan update (now - Jan 2) – Get special rewards like Buff Pets that will help you with your missions.
  • Evan Growth Support (now - Jan 24) – Receive Special Growth Support Box that includes 3 “Dragon Mount” stages! Get Evan exclusive chair as well as medal by ranking up your Evan class.
  • New Year’s Attendance (from Jan 1 - Jan 24) – Log in 14 days in the time of the event to get your rewards such as Accessory Draw Ticket, pets as well as Support Boxes.
  • Golden Pig Dice (from Jan 10 – Jan 24) – Celebrate the Golden Pig Year: roll dice to win special obtainable rewards.

MapleStory M - Evan
Burning Event is one of the various upcoming events! It lets you level up much faster!

MapleStory M is a free game for both iOS and Android users! Visit the Facebook site right here for future updates!