Marvel Super War Season 2, the comic-inspired MOBA on mobile by NetEase has been growing steadily so far. Since its January launch, the game has continuously expanded its roster, adding a wide array of heroes and villains - with most of them being MCU fan-favorite characters. In this article, we would give you the brief summary for the latest season 2 update of the game and a complete review for all its features.

marvel super war season 2 new hero
Marvel Super War Season 2 New Hero: A lot of new characters would be added into the roster

The latest member to join Super War's playable character lineup is Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death, the villain of 2017's Thor: Ragnarok. Hela is an Energy class character with decent damage potential - her arsenal combines the use of the deadly Nightsword with her power of summoning undead minions.

The new season also adds a highly requested feature into the game: Guilds. This system would allow players to connect more easily to each other, form teams and group up for matches. These community aspects are of utmost importance to any MOBA - this game is not an exception. Guild members would also be able to participate in Guild quests for even more rewards. New upcoming costumes for season 2 are Endgame outfits for Rocket Raccoon, Ant-Man, and War Machine. Now, without further ado, let's get to the reviews. Below is an analysis of all aspects that Marvel Super War has done right.

1 - Marvel Super War Season 2: Character roster

Over the past three months, NetEase has added a huge number of characters into the game. This is actually very important - as a game in the MOBA genre must have a diverse array of characters for people to try and create combinations of teams and strategies.

From popular characters like Doctor Strange and Vision to more obscure ones like Pixie, The Ancient One and Black Knight, Marvel Super War has them all. The majority of the characters added to the game are based on the MCU version - if you are fans of the MCU, expect to see some of the more famous attacks and abilities replicated in the game.

2 - Marvel Super War Season 2: Graphics

The one most striking aspect of the game that people would notice first is the quality of its graphics. NetEase and Marvel definitely haven't spared many resources in making this game look good. Everything is sleek and smooth - the home screen is designed like a "waiting room" of source for your hero, with the background behind being Wakanda. The menus and various transitions are all futuristics and appropriate to match the Marvel world's settings.

marvel super war season 2 download android
Marvel Super War Season 2 Download Android: The game is really similar to league of legends

You start the game by getting beamed down from your home screen. The character models are pretty well done and designed, from the heroes' base skin and their variant costumes. It is rather easy to tell which character is which, even when they are wearing their alternate looks - you don't even need to be a fan of that character to make them out. Other cosmetics available are the avatars and avatar frames. Heroes' costumes vary - from simple pallet swap, extra color to brand new look like "Arcade Rocket", for example.

3 - Marvel Super War Season 2: Progression

The shop is where you would purchase new heroes and skins by the currencies earned after playing. Coins and Crystals are free currencies while Star Credits is the premium one - they can be converted into Crystals. Heroes can be bought with any of the currencies, while skins can only be purchased by spending Star Credits. Shops regularly have discount for both heroes and skins - you should open it up frequently in order to not miss those deals.

marvel super war season 2 new hero
Marvel Super War Season 2 New Hero: a roster filled with popular movie characters

It is encouraged to play more and get enough free currency to purchase characters instead of buying them with real money, as they are rather expensive. In order to find out what a hero does, you would only need to tap on them in the shop menu and pick their skill icons. The various skills are designed quite faithfully to the comic book version, with Hulk having his Hulk Smash and everything. Each hero and villain would come with their own unique traits to further improve the depth of gameplay - Hawkeye has a trait to increase his range and vision as he levels up, for example. There are a lot of classes you can try so its best to test around to see what fits the best for your playstyle.

marvel super war season 2 guild system
Marvel Super War Season 2 Guild System: You can buy most characters in the shop with any currency.

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4 - Marvel Super War Season 2: Gameplay

If you have played at least one MOBA before, it would be easy to jump straight into this one, as it has all the usual elements of the genre, only with characters from the Marvel Universe. There are lanes with minions spawn, there are jungle monsters that you can fight - some provide buffs in addition to the experience you get. If you need a refresher after the usual MOBA gameplay, go to the training area to brush up on the basics and get the first completion rewards. There is a PVE mode to fight against AI as well - you can even party against AI.

marvel super war season 2 apk
Marvel Super War Season 2 Apk: Massive combat with popular MCU characters

Aside from the MOBA mode, there are two other arcade modes in Marvel Super War: Battle For Vibranium and Free-For-All. In Battle for Vibranium, players would need to collect the aforementioned metal from nodes around the map and deposit them to the base - the first team to collect 1000 pieces would win the match. This is a 5vs5 mode - and the best strategy is killing enemy heroes and steal their Vibranium so it would be pretty action-packed.

marvel super war season 2 new hero
Marvel Super War Season 2 New Hero: The game has relatively easy controls so that new players would have a better time

Free for all is also 5vs5 - but only on one single lane. Players would heal through random drops from mobs and healing from teammates is reduced. This mode emphasizes teamwork - and getting it on with 5 randoms from the internet is actually pretty hard. Another thing to mention is that Arcade modes tend to have a longer queue time.

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