Marvel Super War Spider-Man is one of the most favorite superheroes. This A-tier assassin will be the best choice for jungle countering if you know how to use this hero correctly. Check out this Marvel Super War Spider-Man guide here with

Spider-Man Marvel Super War Guide

This superhero is an A-tier hero with four amazing skills, including one passive and three active skills. True fans of Marvel studio must know that the real name of Spider-man is Peter Parker. The Parker boy was bitten by a radioactive spider and gain spider-related abilities.

Spiderman is the favorite superheroes who get the superpower after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

The bite of that spider turned a normal boy into a hero with special abilities. He uses his skills to counter and eliminate enemy heroes and monsters in the jungle. Spider-man is an excellent assassin with great mobility. The power of his attack is also great.

However, his defending and supporting abilities are pretty weak. It makes him more vulnerable to enemy attacks. Moreover, this hero is not easy to play. You can learn more about Spider-man from the video of him above released by Marvel Super War studio.

Spider-Man Ability Details

In this Marvel's MOBA mobile game, Spider-man has three active skills and one passive skill. Here are the full details of his skill.

  • Spider Power (Natural Native): It lets him sense the position of enemies in his area.
Passive Skill
The Passive Skill of Spider-man Is Spider Power That Makes Him A Great Assasin in the Jungle.
  • Web Shot: It's the 1st skill of this hero. He causes damage to enemies by throwing web bombs in a specified path.

3rd Skill

  • Spidey Flight: The 2nd skill lets him use his web to fly and move faster during combat and attack the target in the specified direction. It also creates a mark and causes physical damage to the target.
1st Skill
This superhero can make web bombs to attack enemy heroes.
  • Web Punishment: Like a spider, this superhero has a special ability to make webs to stun and capture an enemy, launch him up, and then knock him down with his web. This 3rd attack causes a lot of damage to enemy heroes (from 100 to 700).
3rd Skill
3rd skill causes the greatest damage to enemy heroes by launching them and knocking them back on the ground.

Moreover, you can buy some exclusive costumes for Spider-man to make this hero look cool and boost his power. There are three special costumes that are available to obtain with coins or Star Credit. Big-Time, Marvel's Avenger: Infinity War, and Noir are three costumes for this hero.

Spider Man Infinity War
Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Spider-man Infinity War is an exclusive outfit of this superhero.

Marvel Super War Spider-Man Combo

The best tactic selections for this hero include blink and wound. The recommended build for this character includes Hunting Greaves, Quantum Rifle, Double Daggers, Godslayer, Nightsword, and Immortal Glaive.

Spiderman Best Build
This is a highly recommended build item set for Spider-man in Marvel Super War.

Skill Combo

Then, you also need a good skill combo to make the best use of this hero and cause the greatest damage to enemies. You will unlock all three active skills after level 5. Before that, try to kill more monsters and enemy heroes and soldiers to level up. Then, use the recommended skill combo below and get the victory with your allies.

Spiderman 1v1 Combat
The advantage and strongest point of this superhero is the mobility that lets him fly and move faster for sudden attacks.
  • Use the 1st skill to throw the web bombs and make the enemy weaker or stun him for a while. However, you should keep a safe distance from the enemy's reach and attack.
  • Then, use the 2nd skill to fly near to the enemy and attack him quickly with basic attacks.
  • Next, use the ultimate attack to launch the enemy and decrease his HP bar to zero.
He Counter Jungle
His main battle is the jungle but he also helps his allies on any lane when they need his support.

When you are poking the enemy hero, use the recommended combo below:

  • Use the 2nd skill to enter combat quickly and surprise enemies.
  • Next, throw some web bombs to stun enemies with the 1st skill.
Throw Web Bomb
Combine the 2nd and the 1st skill to stun enemies and cause damage to them with his web bombs.
  • Then, use basic attacks and try to escape from the enemy's attacks.
  • Continue to use the 2nd skill can repeat this process until you slay the enemy heroes.
The Ultimate Attack
The Ultimate Attack Of This Hero Can Cause Up To 700 Damage At The Maximum Level.

Spider-man Tips And Tactics

The most important mission of this assassin hero is to clear the jungle. Let's start with your ally jungle. Try to kill as many monsters in the jungle as possible to level up and build faster than the enemy heroes. Then, you can help the enemy team to clear their jungle.

Upgrade The 2nd Skill
Try to kill jungle monsters and upgrade your 2nd skill which makes this hero overpower with high mobility.

Besides, you need to check out the nearby lanes to support your allies on time and protect your ally tower and base. Next, try to kill jungle monsters and upgrade your 2nd skill which makes this hero overpower with high mobility. You should upgrade this skill to reduce the cooldown duration and use it more frequently.

Slay Monsters
Try to kill as many monsters in the jungle as possible to level up and build faster than the enemy heroes.

When you play this assassin hero, you are pretty weak. Your mobility is the only advantage. Therefore, you should keep a safe distance from the enemy's attack so that you won't feed the enemy team too much.

Those are things you need to know about Marvel Super War Spider-Man and some pro tips and tactics to use this hero effectively. To update the latest Marvel Super War game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guide for gamers, let's visit our website.