In Marvellous Merchandise 3.2 day #5, Liben requires players to get Radishes, Pinecones, and Fowls. There are many changes and additions in this version. Check out where to farm these ingredients and complete the fifth commission of Liben.

#1. Radish Locations

Radish is a common vegetable item that you can purchase from some restaurants or pick up in the wild. If you want to buy some radishes, go to see Chef Mao in Liyue Harbor and Shimura Kanbei in Inazuma City. They sell 10 Radishes per day that cost 350 Mora each.

Some other veterans also have prepared for this commission by growing radishes in their Jade Fields in Seneritea Realms or sending characters to some Expeditions. Some others go to farm Radishes in the wild. The top locations to collect these veggie items are:

  • The small cottages with a garden in the south of Dawn Winery in Mondstadt;
  • Next to the cottage at Stone Gate in Liyue;
  • Near a cottage near the Statue of Seven in Higi Village, Inazuma.
Radish Genshin Impact
Radish in Genshin Impact

#2. Pinecone Locations

You can find Pinecones mostly in Mondstadt and some in Liyue and Inazuma where pine trees grow. Here are some best places to pick up Pinecones in Teyvat.

  • Mondstadt’s pine woods and Dragonspine;
  • Avidya Forest, Sumeru (on an expedition);
  • A small bridge in Qingce village;
  • Seirai Island and Tsurumi Island in Inazuma.

You can use Nahida’s On All Things Meditated passive talent to collect many Pinecones from a distance. Hold the attack button and aim at the pinecones. When you release the button, all aimed pinecones will be collected into your inventory directly.

Pinecone Genshin Impact
Pinecone in Genshin Impact

It's easier to collect enough pinecones and other ingredients for Marvellous Merchandise Day 5 in Genshin Impact 3.2 with the release of a new country and Dendro archon.

#3. Fowl Locations

Fowl is not available to pick up in the wild, but you must hunt birds. It’s easy to find and hunt some ducks near water bodies in Teyvat, such as beaches and lakes. Besides, there are lots of birds on the entrance bridge of Mondstadt.

You should use a bow wielder to hunt the bird from a distance before it flies away. But it’s better to use the elemental bursts of Diluc and Venti from a distance to kill more birds.

In addition, you can get these food items from Expeditions in Mondstadt's Windrise and Inazuma's Nazuchi Beach. Besides, Genshin Impact players can find some food vendors in Teyvat to purchase some fowls, such as:

  • Draff in front of the Windmill next to the pond of Springvale;
  • Ashpazi's Shop is next to a grill in the center of Gandharva Ville.

They sell 10 fowls per day which cost 240 Mora each. It can be faster to collect enough fowls for Liben in Marvellous Merchandise 3.2 Day #5 by purchasing them.

Hunt The Bird In Genshin Impact
Hunt the bird in Genshin Impact

After completing the Day 5 commission and 5 daily Marvellous Merchandise commissions, you can collect a bonus reward box with 100 Mora and many Hero’s Wits, Mystic Ores, and Mora.

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