Even though PUBG Mobile has almost everything set up for the return of the game but the game is still nowhere to be found and it has been almost a month since the PUBG Mobile India teaser. Fans are getting more and more frustrated not knowing the release date of PUBG Mobile India.

Pubg Mobile India
The release date of PUBG Mobile India is still a mystery

Pro PUBG Mobile players Maxtern has reached out to the PUBG Mobile director, SEAN Hyunil Sohn, on Twitter to "leak the date' of PUBG Mobile India.

There has been a lot of rumors and assumption about the release date of PUBG Mobile India around the community. However, the hard cold truth is that even PUBG Mobile doesn't know when they will able to release the game in India again.

In order for PUBG Mobile to return to India, it needs approval from the Indian government. In a recent report, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said that PUBG Mobile will be stayed banned in India.

“There is no change in that stance at this stage. Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating [a] new company. They will have to get permissions from MEITY to operate once again in India”.

Even though PUBG Mobile has made lots of changes to the game and even establish a new company in India, it still not enough yet. For now, PUBG Mobile will stay banned for a while more.

But PUBG Mobile wouldn't want to hype to cool down because it takes too long to return the game to India. Still, it is not likely that PUBG Mobile will be able to be released within this year.

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