Evermotion Mechanical Painting 3.7 is a minigame in the Duel! The Summoners' Summit! event. In this minigame, you have to use the given gear components to complete the painting puzzle. Check out the solutions to four puzzles in phases 1 and 2 here.

#1. Mondstadt I

On the first day of The Summoners' Summit event, you play all minigames in Mondstadt, including Evermotion Mechanical Painting. There are two swappable surface panels and four gear columns. Here are steps to solve this puzzle.

  • Swap two surface panels first.
  • Medium gear components for the first and second columns.
  • Large gear for the 4th column.

You don't need to select the component for the 3rd column. The first puzzle is pretty easy to solve. Then, you can get 30 Primogems, a Knights of Favonius Library furnishing item, and many materials.

No 1 Puzzle
This is the solution to the first painting puzzle.

#2. Mondstadt II

The second puzzle is right next to the first one. Both of them are unlocked on the first day of the event. Here is how to solve this puzzle quickly.

  • Swap two surface panels.
  • Select the medium gear components for columns 1 and 2.
  • Choose the large component for column 3.

You can solve this puzzle in a few seconds. Then, go to the event lobby to claim 30 Primogems for each completed puzzle. Dawn Winery painting is the furnishing item you get for this challenge.

Puzzle No 2
The second painting puzzle in Mondstadt is very easy to solve.

#3. Liyue I

In the second phase of the event, participants will go to Liyue to play these minigames. You go to the marked location in Liyue Harbor to meet the MC of the minigame and start to solve the first puzzle according to this guide.

  • Rotate the first surface three times.
  • Then, rotate the second surface three times.
  • Choose the small component for the 1st column.
  • Next, select the medium gear components for the 2nd and 4th columns.
  • The large component fits the 3rd position.

Then, go to the lobby to get 30 Primogems, a Liyue Harbor Wharf painting for Teapot indoor decoration, and various local materials.

Puzzle No 3
You can easily get Primogems and rewards from this easy puzzle in Liyue.

#4. Liyue II

The next mechanical painting in Liyue is quite easier to solve. It's also next to the first one. Follow these steps to complete it quickly.

  • Rotate surface III once.
  • Select the large gear components for columns 1 and 3.
  • Choose the medium gear component for column 2.

After completing the painting, you will get 30 Primogems, a Wangshu Inn painting, and many weapon ascension materials. You can use these paintings to decorate your house in the Teapot Realm.

Puzzle No 4
There is no difficulty to solve the second puzzle in Liyue.

Four other painting puzzles will be unlocked on May 29th and 31st. You are likely to visit Inazuma and Sumeru to take part in minigames in the two last phases of the event. Complete the current puzzles before the rest puzzles are unlocked.

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