There will be a new character named Chiori in Genshin Impact in the upcoming time. But her information was not leaked by any leaker but a playable character in the game. Check it out here.

Genshin Impact Character 'Chiori'

The new character Kirara has come to Teyvat as a playable character. In the first voice of this new 4-star character, she revealed a new character named Chiori from Fontaine. Kirara introduced that Chiori was her old customer who was very nice to the delivery girl in Inazuma.

Genshin Impact Kirara
Kirara revealed a new character in Genshin Impact.

According to Kirara, Chiori is a fashion designer from Inazuma. She is running a fashion shop in Fontaine. Kirara also often delivers goods for the designer. The designer also helped Kirara tailor her outfit.

As usual, playable characters in Genshin Impact often talk about other playable units. Therefore, Chiori may become a playable unit in the upcoming time. Though her vision is still a secret, most players hope that Chiori will be a Geo unit. Genshin Impact has not introduced any new Geo character for over 500 days.

Kirara Got A Mess Before Going To Chioris Shop
Kirara messed herself up before going to Chiori's shop.

Moreover, Kirara also has an interesting character story mentioning Chiori. In Character Story 4, Kirara got a mess when delivering a package to the fashion designer. The kitten delivery girl messed herself up in a bundle of mixed fashion styles and accessories. But in Chiori's eyes, Kirara looked like a cat fallen into a paint bucket.

Then, the founder of a famous fashion label in Fontaine made a delightful set of clothes for the delivery girl. The kitten girl also became busier with questions about the origin of the fashionable outfits she got from Chiori.

Chiori Made A Fashionable Outfit For Kirara
Chiori made a fashionable outfit for Kirara

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