The movie Men in Black will come to the big screen on June 14. Following the franchise tradition, this fourth movie of Men in Black series will tell a story of a worldwide organization doing their duty of maintaining control over the aliens living on Earth. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson will star in this upcoming movie, and for many people that's already enough of a reason to be excited. While waiting for the film to hit, though, you can try Men in Black: Global Invasion - a brand-new mobile game for Android devices - which is inspired by Pokémon GO and offers you a chance to be an agent whose duty is following and seizing any outer world living creature that shows up in his way.

Men In Backs franchise inspires an upcoming mobile game.

Despite the fact that this game is scheduled to release on the middle of June, its developer Ludare Games is now giving players a chance to try the game earlier. Apparently, an early-launch mode was distributed in several nations. However, you will find out that not all of the game's features are completely accessible, like PvP, profile customizing, etc. Still, the game itself is now available to install and enjoy.

The game has some similarity with Pokémon GO.

Its gameplay has some similar factors in comparison with other titles such as Ghostbusters World - a game that was launch couples of months ago. You will be strolling the streets, looking for aliens and seize them by aiming and shooting. Fortunately, you are able to use various tools designed to help you to get a happier and easier life. For instance, you can actually recruit the creatures that you catch to fight for you.

Let's wander the streets and keep your eyes open for outer world creatures!

Men in Black: Global Invasion has a typical monetization system. In the in-game store, you can use your balance to purchase various things from weapons and equipment to gems that give you an ability to accelerate the upgrades of your characters. A monthly VIP subscription is also available for you to join if you want to earn permanent rewards for a limited time. Nonetheless, you can always obtain the same things by playing the game normally, things will just take a little bit longer.