Kemco is at it again with yet another addition to its ever-expanding collection of RPGs. If you like retro-themed RPGs you can’t really ever go wrong with what the studio has to offer, and it pushes out new stuff fairly regularly too. Its latest product is titled Miden Tower and it is available for both Android and iOS right now. Check out the game’s trailer below:

The story of the game revolves around the titular Miden Tower, which is being invaded by the Alroval Empire. This means the mages who live there are now cornered and helpless. Naturally, a counterattack is initiated to take back the tower and avenge the fallen.

You’ll follow the footsteps of a young lad named Valen who lost loved ones during the invasion. Accompanied by a mythical being known as Leila, he is now out for the blood of the Imperial soldiers. Leila, meanwhile, is there to offer Valen guidance lest he loses himself in his thirst for vengeance.

Miden Tower Ios Android Gameplay

The gameplay itself will involve 3v3 turn-based combat taking place on a grid-based field. Players will have access to various skills such as summoning golems or buffing allies with stat boosts. Aside from that, there are more than a hundred passive abilities to unlock to power up your characters.

Miden Tower
Combat is turn-based and takes place on a grid-based battlefield

Another thing to note is that Miden Tower does come with controller support at launch, so if that’s how you want to play, you have the option. However, since the game mostly consists of walking around the world map and participating in turn-based battles, touch controls should be more than sufficient here.

Miden Tower is currently up for grab on both Google Play and the App Store. It is a premium game priced at $8.99 (Rs 640) for Android and $7.99 (Rs 570) for iOS.  Further IAPs are included as well.