Korean developers have always been famous for creating visually-stunning MMORPG, and Dragon Nest is not an exception. It's the brainchild of the developer Eyedentity Games and has launched for PC in 2013 worldwide. Prior to the EU and NA server supports, Korean has the chance to play the game 3 years earlier.

And over the 9-year-run, Dragon Nest has attracted quite a lot of gamers and has created a decently firm player pool. However, it's not enough for Eyedentity Games, and the developer wants to target a broader public. Hence, it has decided to follow the trend of mobile gaming and create a version for mobile devices.

Its name is World of Dragon Nest, which was launched for both Android and iOS for the Closed Beta Test in August. And today, the developer is introducing a great news: World of Dragon Nest will officially come out next month!

The beta testers have given a lot of positive reviews on the game's smooth character's control, which you can have a look below:

The story of World of Dragon Nest

World of Dragon Nest takes the settings of a fantasy world called Alteria. However, the maker of the land - goddess Althea (Altea in NA or Lagendia in SEA) was harmed due to the poison from her wicked sister - Vestinel. The only way to save the goddess from this poison is to create an antidote from the elements from the poison's source - the magical grail of Vestinel.

World Of Dragon Nest Launch Date January 8 6
Goddess Altea was poisoned by her sister

Everyone in this land appreciates the work and the blessing of Althea, so they'll make their journey to save their beloved goddess. However, the grail was missing somewhere within the land, so the heroes will have to search on the land while fighting with wicked dragons to collect the magical stones to find a way to connect with the sleeping goddess.

The guide from Althea will help them come across the grail, finding the material for the antidotes, wake the goddess up and save the world from the hand of Vestinel.

Gameplay features

As the name of the game implies, World of Dragon Nest will take you to the land of Alteria filled by dragon nests. Your task here is to follow the missions of curing the poison that goddess Althea is suffering from, and in order to do that, you'll have to get deep into the shelters of the wicked dragons, defeat them and collect their magic stones.

World Of Dragon Nest Launch Date January 8 5
Explore the vast world of Alteria to find cures for the goddess

Basically, World of Dragon Nest is an open-world MMORPG where you can travel everywhere you want in this vast landscape. Players can customize their characters by choosing from classes and change their looks to match your taste and playstyles. Then, you can wield your trusty weapons and fight monsters, which will lead you to the nest of dragons, where you encounter the bosses of the game that's not necessarily a dragon.

World Of Dragon Nest Launch Date January 8 2
The character-creating experience in this game is quite interesting

That's where World of Dragon Nest shines. The game rotates around a skill-based system, where you'll unlock new skills and upgrade them by leveling up. The more skills you learned, the more options you have while fighting with the bosses. Apart from the limitless potentials of combos with the skills, players can also swap their weapon mid-battles to mix the things up and deal more damages to the enemies.

World Of Dragon Nest Launch Date January 8 3
Players can combine skills while swapping weapons for combos

Moreover, animations of the attacks were considered too child-like with the PC version - now looks much more suitable in the PC versions. And if you're too tired of fighting, the game also provides some other ways of entertainment as well, including fruit-gathering, dance battles or spa-relaxing. New features will keep coming in the future, so you won't have to worry about running out of things to do in World of Dragon Nest.

World Of Dragon Nest Launch Date January 8 4
It's like a whole new life in this game

World of Dragon Nest will come out for Android and iOS with NEXON publishing on January 8, 2020.