TeeTINY Online is the hugely ambitious debut title from developer TEENY.studio, and now the game has just launched its second closed beta test for the Android platform. The beta this time around adds a daunting roguelike mode for players to challenge themselves with. It is available right now and is expected to last until November 3rd. Check out TeeTINY Online’s trailer below:

In case you didn’t know, this is a casual MMORPG with colorful designs and an anime-like aesthetic. Here, players will team up with one another in order to climb a mysterious tower filled with trials. The game boasts a huge open world that you can choose to explore either alone or with your pals, and all the characters as well as environments are full of personality.

Teetiny Online 2
The characters and environments are full of personality

As with many other MMOs, TeeTINY Online will allow you to customize your own playstyle as you see fit. Weapons and abilities all function differently, so you are encouraged to experiment around with different stuff to see what suits you. New equipment can only be obtained via farming as well, so every bit of progress you make will feel earned.

Aside from the main campaign, there’s an intense Pet War mode. As the name suggests, this will allow you to put your Guardian Pet against another player’s. Of course, the traditional PvP modes are still there as well if you prefer that. Alternatively, if you are not the competitive sort, you can opt to join forces with other players to tackle more challenging missions and enemies instead.

Team up with others to tackle challenging dungeons

TeeTINY Online is set to launch on Android first and will eventually make its way to iOS and PC. All in all, it looks really promising, so if you are looking for a new mobile MMO to play, don’t hesitate to sign up to participate in the second closed beta of the game right now.