We first reported on the MMORPG Spiritwish from Nexon back in August when it exited the Japanese market and was soft-launched in selected regions. Now, it has been announced that the game is available for pre-registration. Check out its trailer below:

The setting of Spiritwish takes place in a fantasy realm called Kaleva. Your task as the player is to collect ancient relics in order to, you guessed it, fend off some impending evil and protect the land. To achieve that goal, you'll have to gather your own band of heroes.

So, you’ll have control over 3 characters at the same time, and it is up to you to decide which ones amongst the extensive collection that the game has to offer can have the best synergies. Naturally, each hero will have his or her own abilities and combat strategies.

Spiritwish Ios Android Featured
You'll have control over 3 characters at the same time

And as you can expect from an MMORPG, Spiritwish will include several multiplayer modes for you to jump into. There’s daily dungeons, challenging raids that require you to team up with other players to tackle, and more.

Moreover, since this is a game designed for the mobile platform, the developer has added a vertical orientation option for those who prefer to play while holding the phone with only one hand. From the trailer, it can also be seen that there are several options on the UI as well, with which you can customize how automatic you want the combat to be. It looks like the game is very intent on making things suitable for a wide range of audiences.

You can customize how automatic you want the combat to be

As mentioned, Spiritwish is now up for pre-registration right now, and if you are interested, you can do so by heading over to its official site. No release date is confirmed yet, however, but the game is allegedly slated for a mid-October launch, so we should hear more on that very soon. It will be available for both Android and iOS.