It has recently been announced on the official blog of Minecraft that the highly-anticipated AR title Minecraft Earth is entering early access in New Zealand and Iceland. Players living in these countries can already download the game from both Google Play and the App Store. Check out the Early Access announcement trailer below:

Yes, that is just a very small part of the world, but worry not! The developer has also confirmed that it will bring this early access version to other countries in the upcoming weeks. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as there is any further news, so don’t forget to stay tuned. Of course, you can also follow the official Twitter page of Minecraft for the latest updates.

In any case,  Minecraft Earth early access will allow players to explore the physical world via the lens of Minecraft. You can put down a buildplate to start creating little Minecraft dioramas, and others can join to lend a helping hand as well!

Minecraft Earth Buildplate
You can put down a buildplate to start creating stuff, and others can join to help

As you explore, you’ll encounter several “tappables,” which are Minecraft figures that you would no doubt be familiar with if you have played the game before. As their name implies, you can tap on these characters to collect them, and doing so will grant you materials and unlock new mobs for you to use in your buildplates. One of the notable tappables included is the cute Muddy Pig!

Minecraft Muddy Pig
One of the tappables included is the Muddy Pig

And true to Minecraft’s tradition, you’ll be able to make new items and blocks. When you feel like you’re prepared enough, you can try taking on the “adventures,” which are mini-sized dungeons in which you will face off against many iconic enemies from the Minecraft universe.

Minecraft Earth Dungeon
Try taking on dungeons when you're ready!

Moreover, Minecraft Earth demo kiosks are promised to be coming soon to Microsoft Stores in London, Sydney, and certain cities in Canada and the US, so players from these parts can expect the chance to get their hands on this game in the near future.

As for the rest of the world, stay tuned for more updates!