Collei is one of the three earliest Dendro characters in Genshin Impact. This free character is widely used in the current update. Check out the top common mistakes when using Collei in Genshin Impact that you must avoid.

#1. Wrong Weapon & Artifacts

One of the most common mistakes that Genshin Impact players often make is using the wrong weapon and artifacts for characters. Remember that artifacts and weapons buff characters' abilities and significantly optimize their strength. Here are the best artifacts and weapons for Collei.

  • Using 4-Deepwood Memories for Collei is much better than using 4-Gilded Dreams, especially when you use Collei as a supporter in your team.
  • There are many good weapon options for Collei, but Elegy for the End is the best bow for her. Don't use the Sacrificial Bow for her.
Best Artifact And Weapon
Use the best artifact and weapon for Collei to build her talents and skills.

When Kusanali has not been released yet, Collei is still a great Dendro character to invest your time and materials. But it's better to save Primogems on weapon banners for Nahida and upcoming Dendro characters in the following banners.

#2. Focus On Her Constellations

A lot of players focus too much on her constellations. But it can be a waste. Don't unlock C6 because it's not very effective. C1 and C4 are the best because it gives her an Energy restoration buff. Besides, she also receives the Elemental Mastery buff to support the whole team. It's unnecessary to spend more Primogems for C5 and C6.

#3. Build Collei Purely

Another popular mistake when using Collei is to build her purely and focus on her off-field DMG. Instead of building her Elemental Mastery and ATK, you should focus on her Energy Recharge. This stat is better for Collei as a Dendro enabler in your team. The best role of Collei in your team is supporting. Therefore, it's not a wise option to use her as a DPS character.

Energy Recharge
Invest in Energy Recharge to build a strong Dendro enabler for your team.

Therefore, when you choose artifacts and weapons for Collei, just focus on the necessary stats of this Dendro enabler to buff the DMG for the whole team. As a supporter of her team, Collei is tasked to give her team essential buffs in triggering new elemental reactions, such as Bloom, Quickened, and Spread.

#4. Trigger Spread Reaction

According to the game theory, Collei can trigger the Spread Reaction. But the actual effect is not as ideal as it's described in the theory. But now Genshin Impact players don't have many choices to trigger this reaction. When more Dendro characters are released, you should choose a better one for this elemental reaction.

Spread Reaction
She is not the best Dendro character to trigger the Spread Reaction.

Avoid these mistakes to optimize her power. Though Collei is a free character, she is still a very useful and effective Dendro supporter now.

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