Yelan's banner is one of the best-sold banners in Genshin Impact now. Undeniably, this new Hydro character is one of the most effective and powerful supports in the game. But it would be best to avoid these mistakes when using Yelan in Genshin Impact.

#1. Ignore Energy Recharge

Though Yelan is an off-field supporter, most of her damage is from her elemental burst. Therefore, players should focus on building the energy recharge for Yelan instead of using weapons and artifacts for her Crit Rate of ATK.

Then, Yelan will always have enough energy to charge and use the elemental burst. To buff her energy recharge rate, you can use her in Raiden Shogun's team or use appropriate artifacts and weapons for her, such as the Emblem artifact set and the bow Elegy for the End.

Yelan Genshin
Focus on Yelan's burst. 

#2. Build Her ATK

All Yelan's abilities depend on her HP, from normal attack, charge attack, and elemental skill, to elemental burst. Therefore, all weapons and artifacts with ATK buffs are useless for Yelan. Moreover, this Hydro character doesn't get any buff from Bennett and Sara's talents.

It's better to focus on her energy recharge for more frequent elemental bursts or boosting her HP status. Raiden and Yelan are a powerful couple on the field now after Raiden's kit bug is fixed.

Yelan And Raiden Shogun
Let Yelan and Raiden Shogun team-up.

#3. Use Yelan As On-Field DPS

Another deadly mistake when using Yelan in Genshin Impact is using her as an on-field DPS. If you focus on her ATK rates, you cannot build her HP and Energy Recharge rates. Then, it makes all her active abilities, elemental skill, and elemental burst weaker. Her damage also drops insanely when she is an on-field DPS. So, just keep her in the off-field sub-DPS role.

Yelan Role
Use Yelan as an off-field sub-DPS

#4. Underestimate Her Co-Op Ability

A lot of players underestimate Yelan's co-op ability. Yelan is considered to be the 5-star version of Xingqiu. But players complained that she is less effective when supporting Hydro element for Hu Tao. In fact, the damage gap between Hu Tao with Xingqiu and Xingqiu with Yelan is not very big. So, Yelan is still useful in the Pyro teams of Hutao, Klee, and Yelan.

#5. Forget Her Second Passive Talent

One of the most common mistakes when using Yelan is missing her passive talent. This Hydro character has a super-powerful passive talent - Turn Control. It's a buff for her attack damage.

When she casts her burst, the on-field character gets an insane 50% damage buff when this talent is unlocked. Don't waste this buff for supporters and healers on the field. You should let it boost the damage of main DPS, such as Hu Tao, Diluc, and Raiden Shogun.

Yelan And Team
Don't forget Yelan's second passive talent

#6. Try To Build A 4-Element Team

Many players try to build a team with four elements in Yelan's team to boost her HP due to her passive talent. But it's less effective than building a team with more powerful elemental reactions or a team with more DPS characters who can resonate or react more often.

For example, you can give up HP buffs from a 4-element team and invest in the total damage of the whole team by Geo resonance of Zhongli and Albedo.

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