Good news is here MMORPG fans, a new and exciting game is coming to our mobile devices very soon! MIA Online, a newcomer in the MMORPG genre is looking forward to its global release in just a couple weeks, and pre-registration is already available right now.

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New MMORPG MIA Online is coming soon to mobiles.

What's special about MIA Online?

So, you will probably wonder what’s in MIA Online Mobile, right? Well, the game sets in an open world environment, characterized by PvP modes like 3v3 or 10v10, as well as the remarkable Nation War. There are as many as 6 distinctive classes to choose from, and each one possesses unique abilities and styles. All of these amazing features set in a wonderful 3D environment that would definitely make you addicted.

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An amazing 3D environment in MIA Online will guarantee to make you never put your phone down!

Furthermore, you can gather soul cards as well as take on bosses to improve the power of the heroes. Additionally, it is possible to build non-linear characters, allowing you to customize your hero to its full potential. Also, auctioning is in the game, meaning that you can gain good money for in-game items and gears!

You really should pre-register for the game, and here is why:

From right now, you can join the pre-registration to achieve the first orders after the global release! Do you know what’s an even better news? Extra rewards will be granted exclusively for those who pre-registered! There are 4 pre-registration milestones to achieve: 50K, 100K, 200K and finally 350K. People have completed the first two at the moment. Therefore, you should keep up with the updates for the opportunity to receive even more amazing prizes! It is such a cool deal and we really recommend you all to pre-register.

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Pre-registration milestones showing possible rewards to be granted.

So, don’t waste any more of your precious time, visit right now for all those awesome prizes. Here's a bit of gameplay trailer for your reference.