Mobile MMORPGs nowadays often feature heavy character customization alongside tons of mechanics and combat systems that range anywhere from decent to pretty good. Now, however, NetEase’s upcoming title Rangers of Oblivion strives to ramp up the game by adding some Monster Hunter aspects into the mix. Check out its trailer below:

From the trailer, it can be clearly seen that Rangers of Oblivion draws heavy inspiration from Capcom’s famous Monster Hunter series. In this game, you can freely roam around a monster-infested world, team up with others to hunt down these giant beasts, then gather their body parts to make better gear, which in turn allows you to take on more dangerous preys. Monsters of this world belong to many different types, from the majestic dragons – masters of the sky to aquatic beasts that lurk underwater. Each monster has its own attack patterns and attributes, so you are in for some intense and diverse battles.

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There are also several different game modes and missions, which will present you with various challenges. One moment you could be trying to find a lost treasure, the next you will have to try to survive in the wilderness for a certain period of time. Moreover, there are also tons of side activities for you to do, such as fishing, resource gathering, taming horses, and more. You should never lack for things to do.

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But let’s get back to the main course: Monster hunting. Rangers of Oblivion features a wide collection of weapon types, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find something that suits your playstyle. There are greatswords, lances, twin blades, longbows, and staves for you to pick, or if you are really bold, you can even put on a couple of armored gauntlets and get in real close to punch monsters in the face.

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An improvement of Rangers of Oblivion compared to Monster Hunter is the option for cosmetics. In the Capcom’s games, your character often look ridiculous when you put on gear with optimized stats. That is not the case here. In Rangers of Oblivion, you shall be able to fashion your items to make your character look however you want. This combined with the game’s console-quality graphics makes for an impressive visual experience.

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Rangers of Oblivion is going to be released next week on January 14 in several regions across the world. It is a free-to-play title available on both Android and iOS, so don’t hesitate to give it a try if you are interested.