Over the past few years, smartphones have quickly taken over the Indian market. Brand new apps are coming every day, and existing ones are constantly updated with more features, ensuring that they always stay in high demand. These days, phones are much more than just a communication device. Mobile gaming has attracted the attention of many Indian gamers.

The gaming industry has also recognized the increasing demand for mobile games in many regions. Developers are actively working to close the gap between mobile and consoles. Many games have received mobile ports with that deliver an experience very similar to the original version on PC or console.

Mobile Gaming 1
Mobile gaming is catching up to consoles

Smartphones are undoubtedly becoming a viable platform for gaming. Not only that, but they have also provided users wider access to various games. The strongest advantage of smartphones is that they can be used as a portable gaming device.

Mobile Premier League (MPL): How it works                                           

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is among the most popular mobile gaming platforms in India at the moment. It provides a wide variety of games such as Planet Chaos, Fruit Chop, Tuk-Tuk Go, Pro-Cricket, Monster Truck, Run Out, Runner No.1, Flipster, Maze Up, Space Breaker, Bubble Shooter, and Build Up, all of which are skill-based. This means there is no luck or chance involved. The skill of the players is the only thing determining the outcome. Additionally, players can also compete against one another.

Perhaps the key feature of this app is that it provides an opportunity for users to earn money by competing and winning tournaments of its games. Naturally, the prize would depend on the design and nature of each specific game. Users can collect their cash reward by linking the app to their Paytm or bank account.

MPL is a mobile app that provides a huge collection of games and also allows players to earn money by winning competitions

MPL users share the story of their success

Several MPL players have earned huge cash prizes after managing to complete certain challenges of the games on the app. One example of this is Ajay Keswani, who obtained a prize of over Rs.2 lakh.

Keswani is a frequent user of this Mobile eSports platform. He obtained the prize when he got to the ‘’Emerald Class” on the leaderboard for 2 games: Monster Truck and Fruit Dart. According to Ajay, the reason he was able to accomplish this achievement was through hard work and regular practice. With this money, he could pay the tuition fee for his college, get a new phone, and even save up for a motorcycle.

Mpl Winner
Ajay Keswani is just one of the many winners in MPL

“What I like the most about the app is that they have new and challenging tournaments every day. I have been able to win both cash prizes and other rewards only because I find it enjoyable as well. The key is to play with focus and patience as it takes time to master the skills of any game. I have been able to balance my passion for gaming and education by ensuring that I dedicate enough time to both.” says Keswani, who is currently a senior Civil Engineering student.

Kumar Ashish is another MPL player who is famous for having won a total of roughly Rs.70,000 in several games on the platform. He shares that his motivation to play is the cash rewards offered upon winning. Recently, he also won a LED TV in a tournament spotted on the app.

“I am not just a hero in the virtual world, but one at home too! My parents were extremely proud of me when they got to know that I have a won cash prize by playing games on MPL and focusing on my studies at the same time. I was able to contribute towards my family expenses and sibling’s education with the help of money won. MPL is not just another app, it has given many gamers like me the right path to sharpen our skills and win rewards. Patience and regular practice have helped me achieve this feat and I aim to improve my skills every day.” Ashish said.

Og Mpl
Practice and dedications are the keys to success

Ibakador K. Lysner has also won almost Rs.1 lakh by completing different levels of the MPL games. Like Keswani and Ashish, she believes that the key to victory is by honing your skills through constant practice.

MPL has given me a new identity and confidence. I no longer worry about not having enough money to cope with the growing expenses of living in the city. My lifestyle has improved and I am finally living my dream. I want more and more women gamers to try out MPL. The games on the app are simple and easy to win; anyone and everyone can win big on MPL” vouches Ibakador.

Final thoughts

The mobile gaming scene in India is currently experiencing a major transformation. Smartphones is undoubtedly going to continue to evolve in order to meet the increasing demand for mobile games. Statistics suggest that smartphones will officially be regarded as a gaming device in the near future. MPL and other similar apps have demonstrated the importance of cash rewards in attracting more players, especially in skill-based games. The fact that the games on this app is often very simple serves to further encourage users (especially new ones) to try them out and participate in competitions.

Mobile Gaming
Smartphones are evolving quickly to meet the demand for mobile gaming

About MPL

MPL stands for Mobile Premier League, and it is a comprehensive app for mobile gaming. Originally launched in September 2018, it has already managed to accumulate millions of users, making it the fastest growing eSports platform in India at the moment.

Mpl Prize
MPL is the fastest growing eSports platform in India at the moment

MPL offers a one-stop-platform for fans of mobile games with tons of popular skill-based games for them to choose from. With its low barrier to entry and big collection of casual games, MPL makes sure that even new, inexperienced users can have the chance to participate in the many tournaments hosted the platform itself and win rewards. MPL is currently available for download on Google Play, the App Store, and the official MPL website.

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