Garena Free Fire features quite an array of items and events that players don't seem to get enough of. The game offers stunning aesthetic bundles, powerful characters, pets, and a truckload of exciting collaborations that make sure you'll never grow tired of it. However, there's a catch to it all. To really enjoy the true spirit of this Battle Royale sensation, players need Diamonds. And today, we will guide you on a quest to purchase this precious currency, using MooGold Free Fire.

What is MooGold?

In order to keep up with the growing demands of purchasing online currency, there have been top-up websites popping up everywhere on the Internet. However, users only trust the services of certain retailers in cyberspace. And, Moogold is proudly one of them. It's an established global platform that distributes digital goods and services for gamers. If you're looking for the best professional game solution, you have come to the right place.

Moogold Logo
MooGold for the win

MooGold sells all kinds of in-game currencies for numerous popular names. On top of that, it offers services at a discount, giving users more value than the traditional method. You can buy currencies, pay power-leveling services, game top-up, and mobile top-up, right on one website.

How to Buy on MooGold?

Using MooGold to pay for your services has never been easier. You just have to follow 4 simple steps:

  • #1 Choose Category/Game: Sign up for an account on MooGold and pick your desired category or games on the shop page. You can shorten the process using the search tool.
  • #2 Choose Your Items: Once you have picked up the game you want, select the products you would like to purchase and their quantity.
  • #3 Checkout: Proceed to checkout by selecting your preferred payment method and pay.
  • #4 Receive Items: After the payment is complete, sit tight, and await your items to arrive at no time.

MooGold Free Fire Top Up

If we have sold you on using MooGold to top up your Free Fire Diamond stash, then here are the steps you need to follow:

  • #1 Visit the official website of MooGold on your browser.
  • #2 Choose Garena Free Fire, the website will direct you to the top-up page.
  • #3 Select the number of Diamonds you would like to purchase. Detail prices are listed down below.
  • #4 Contact MooGold's live chat to get your order number.
  • #5 Provide your order number and Free Fire Player ID.
  • #6 Make the payment, the diamonds will be credited to your account within the next 30 minutes.

Things to Notice about MooGold

Users should notice the followings when using MooGold top-up service:

Hayato Family
Note this before using MooGold
  1. Change the currency correspondingly to your region for the exact prices. You can find the currency bar on the top right corner of the screen, below the shopping cart. To access MooGold Free Fire India prices, change the currency to Indian Rupee.
  2. MooGold supports various payment channels, including Visa, Paypal, bKash, and more.
  3. Bonus Diamonds is only available on the first purchase of Free Fire Diamonds.
  4. Make sure you have the Player ID right to avoid unnecessary delays.
  5. Send the Player ID to MooGold supported to check whether you can receive the bonus Diamonds.

Diamond Prices on MooGold

Here's a list of Diamond prices on Free Fire in Indian Rupee for your reference:

Moogold Top Up
Diamond Prices on MooGold
  1. 100 Diamonds + 10 Bonus Diamonds: ₹ 77.59
  2. 21o Diamonds: ₹ 161.32
  3. 210 Diamonds + 21 Bonus Diamonds: ₹ 155.18
  4. 530 Diamonds + 53 Bonus Diamonds: ₹ 387.94
  5. 645 Diamonds: ₹ 483.97
  6. 1080 Diamonds: ₹ 813.53
  7. 1080 Diamonds + 108 Bonus Diamonds: ₹ 775.89
  8. 2200 Diamonds: ₹ 1,613.23
  9. 2200 Diamonds + 220 Bonus Diamonds: ₹ 1,551.78
  10. 4450 Diamonds: ₹ 3,226.47
  11. 6900 Diamonds: ₹ 4,839.70
  12. Weekly Membership: ₹ 164.40
  13. Monthly Membership: ₹ 649.90

Top-up Websites Like MooGold

There are various other websites that provide the same service as MooGold, but we only advise players to use the best. If you're new to the scene, here are a few of the most popular top-up retailers like MooGold Free Fire that you should check out.

Games Kharido

Speaking of top-up websites for Free Fire, the first to come to our mind is Games Kharido. Garena developed this website to meet the rising demand of Indian players alone. What's special about Games Kharido is that it offers a deal that none can turn down. For first-time users of the service, the site provides a 100% bonus when making a purchase with Paytm. Survivors can get double the number of Diamonds for the same price point.

Games Kharido Bonus 100
Don't skip the 100% bonus!


Next stop, we have Codashop. It's another trusty top-up service provider among gamers around the world. This website offers a much larger game selection than Games Kharido, but also fewer promos.

Codashop Free Fire Cover
Codashop is also a trust-worthy site


Finally, we want to give a shoutout to SEAGM, which stands for SEA Gamers Mall. It's a credible top-up website that occasionally runs promotions to give players a better price point for their currency purchases.

Seagm Feature
Don't forget SEAGM

That is the end of our guide today on MooGold Free Fire. We hope that you now have a better understanding of the website, how it works, and the benefits that it brings. For more information, guides, tips, and tricks regarding Garen Free Fire visit our website at