This could be very heartbreaking news for fans of Naman Mathur aka MortaL. During one of his livestreams, MortaL announced that he will soon change his live chat section in members-only mode. It is very unclear as to why such a decision was taken by India's renowned PUBG Mobile streamer.

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MortaL has announced about the members-only mode for viewers recently

Since he started to stream on YouTube he has never turned his chat on members-only mode. He recently achieved a fete of 1.45 Lakh live audience on his YouTube channel MortaL. Sources revealed that he is planning to not only increase his subscribers this year but also wants to increase membership count on his YouTube channel.

Currently, MortaL's YouTube channel has 3.74 million subscribers. To join the channel, a basic subscription fee of Rs 89/month has to be paid via YouTube. Other subscriptions offered on his channel ranges from Rs 159 to Rs 7,999. These subscriptions provide benefits to users from participating in custom games, using emojis during live chats, exclusive badges of MortaL army. The benefits differ as per subscription to be paid per month.

He intends to increase membership count on his YouTube channel.

Sources have also revealed that existing members on the channel felt neglected while interacting with MortaL during live streams. A source said, "During live streams, over 50,000 live audience watches him play PUBG Mobile. Most of them are unpaid members. So it often happens that chats from members go unnoticed. While at times, Super Chats during the livestream is given more attention. It seems that he was pointed about the same by members which led him to take such a decision."

"I personally believe equal weightage should be given to members and non-member fans. Every MortaL fan is not capable to pay money every month to interact and support the streamer. Another reason could be to focus on increasing members on his channel like the Twitch pattern," said the source. Animesh Agarwal aka 8Bit_Thug, manager of MortaL failed to respond to query sent by GuruGamer correspondent Imran Fazal.

Well, it would be an interesting thing to watch MortaL's next move to grow his YouTube channel. Read this space for more updates on MortaL.