Sometimes it doesn’t take complicated systems and deep mechanics for a game to be fun. Sometimes players just want a game that lets them blow off steam by beating the living hell out of others, and that’s precisely what Stick Fight: The Game has in store. First released in 2017 on PC, this multiplayer fighting game has now come to Android for Beta testing.

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In Stick Fight: The game, you and 3 other players will control stickmen and duke it out in an arena. The game features an interesting physic system that makes not only fighting but also moving around the map very enjoyable. It also encourages you to interact with the environment. Most of the time weapons spawning in a map will correlate with its layout. For instance, there is a map that has two stacks of boxes piled up on 2 sides of the screen. The players will be placed on top of these boxes, and revolvers will slowly drop from the sky. Whoever manages to get a gun first and shoot out the boxes is almost definitely going to win.

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This is just one example out of many, since Stick Fight: The game features over 100 maps, each with its own interesting things. From a giant morningstar swinging from side to side, to deadly laser beams rotating around, this game has it all.

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Stick Fight also offers a wide variety of weapons, from common guns like rifles and shotguns, to heavier weapons like rocket launchers or the fictional lightsabers, and even bizarre things such as a Snake Launcher. Yes, there is a gun that shoots snakes in this game, and it is both the best and the worst thing that has ever appeared on a battlefield. Once shot, the snakes will attack whoever they are closest to. Thus, they can eliminate your enemies in the blink of an eye, but they can also turn on you just as quickly.

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Overall, weapons are pretty diverse and fun. They have other functions besides killing your enemies as well. For example, the Glue Gun can be used to block off choke points, or prevent enemies from moving by gluing them to walls. The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a light-hearted fighting game to play with friends, check out Stick Fight: The Game on Google Play.

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