PUBG Mobile is an exciting shooting game where you fight for survival like a soldier. Only the last man/squad standing on the island at the end of the match becomes the winner. In squad game mode, the best player of the team will be honored as an MVP. Here are things you need to know about this title and tips to get it.

What Is MVP in PUBG Mobile?

MVP stands for Most Valuable Player. It is a title rewarded for the best-performing players in a team. It only appears when you play in duo or squad game modes. Many people think that the players getting the highest number of kills will get this title. However, you also notice that sometimes the player with most kills is not the MVP.

Pubg Mobile Mvp
MVP showcase in PUBG Mobile

It’s because the system will calculate the overall performance of team members. The player with the best overall performance will be the MVP of the team. The criteria include damage, support, kill, and survival, etc. In short, you cannot be the MVP when you have killed more enemies but died too soon.

Mvp Is Only In Team Mode
This title is only available in team modes

The times you revive teammates, how long you survive in the match, times of restoring health power, etc. also affect the ultimate result. So, how to get this title when playing with teammates in PUBG Mobile? Check out the tips below.

Overall Performance
MVP is rewarded to the player with the best overall performance

Tips To Be The MVP in PUBG Mobile

There are many factors that affect the overall result of the match and determine who the MVP is. So, you need to play with wisdom and consciousness.

  • Don’t play aggressively. Try to survive and only engage in combat when you are ready for sure.
  • Perform good teamwork and revive your teammate(s) instead of rushing for kills.
  • Cause more damage with headshots. You will need a decent weapon and good attachment to help you shoot accurately.