Last October we reported on Cyber Hunter, a new Battle Royale game from NetEase. The game was in open beta back then, and now it has launched in several South East Asian countries including Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It aims to shake up the traditional battle royale formula with some new interesting features.

Like any other battle royale game, in Cyber Hunter, you are dropped onto a big map with nothing and have to scour around for weapons, armor, and other resources in order to survive. The catch here is, Cyber Hunter allows you to climb basically any surface. Additionally, it provides you with a glider, so you are in for some cool aerial maneuver. Furthermore, there are several items to improve the experience, such as tactical gloves that allow you to climb faster.

Cyber Hunter
Interesting weapons

The game also features some RPG aspects: You can level up your character, and as you do, you will gain access to new abilities. These could range from becoming invisible to detecting enemy signal or building barricades, and many more. There is a Detector drone that you can use to spy on your adversaries, while the Safety Ring allows you to stay out of the safe zone for a while without taking damage. You can resurrect your fallen teammates too.

Weapons in Cyber Hunter are divided into 5 categories: Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, SMG, and Throwables, and they come with tons of unique customization options. For example, you can modify a shotgun so that it heals the target instead of damaging them, or give a grenade launcher the ability to cause massive damage to buildings.

Cyber Hunter 1
Vehicles with unique abilities

The vehicles are no less interesting. There are land, aquatic, and versatile vehicles, and they all are capable of performing all kinds of amazing tricks. One can transform into a plane, while another can turn into a battle mech.

On top of all that, you will be able to create your very own character in Cyber Hunter as well. Everything from eye colors and facial traits to hairstyles and outfits is fully customizable.

Cyber Hunter 2
Fully customizable characters

Since the beta, the game has been optimized in several ways and promises to bring a better gaming experience to players. Since it is already available in certain countries, a global release is probably not far down the line. If you live in one of the countries mentioned above, you can try the game right now. If not, follow its official site or Facebook for the latest updates.