On Tuesday, Netmarble - one of the biggest online game publisher in Korea - has finally made an official announcement about BTS WORLD, an upcoming game with a pretty unique idea.

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For those who have just heard of this game for the very first time, in this game, you will get a chance to experience how it feels to be the manager of one of the most popular boy band nowadays - BTS. You are now responsible for guiding BTS on the way to become superstars and get their names across the globe.

According to Netmarble, the game will be officially launched on Tuesday, 25th of June, based on Pacific Standard Time (Wednesday, 26th of June if you are in the Indian Standard Time Zone). Check out an OST teaser for BTS World below:

Created in partnership with the globally famous boyband, BTS WORLD is simulation mobile game. This is a story-based game which will take you on a fascinating interactive journey. The game takes place way back to when the band hasn’t even debuted yet. You are put in the role of the manager of BTS. The ultimate goal of the game is to foster BTS and turn them into the global superstars like they are now.

According to the official website of the game, it will play out like a visual novels, with you virtually interacting with BTS via a 1:1 interactive system. As the manager, your job involves several tasks such as finding a decent dormitory for the guys to live in. Of course, various challenges will be put before you along the way. For example, each member of the group has his own preferences, so it won't be easy to find a dorm that satisfies them all. You can also collect as well as upgrade BTS member cards to reveal more story paths throughout the game.

Bts World Promotional Image

The game will reveal a brand-new and original soundtrack which leads up to the release as well, beginning with a sub-unit song performed by 3 members of BTS Jung Kook, Jin and Jimin.

Netmarble will launch BTS WORLD worldwide (except for China) for Android and iOS devices.