Netmarble recently announced its trailer lineup at G-Star 2019, and among the trailers that it just published is one for Magic: ManaStrike, a new card game for mobile based on the popular game Magic: The Gathering from Wizards of the Coast. Check out the trailer below:

The gameplay of ManaStrike is somewhat similar to that of Clash Royale: You’ll expend mana that you gradually gain over time to play cards, which will unleash creatures on the field to attack your opponent's towers and eventually get to their main avatar. The game aims to deliver a simple and quick experience with each match lasting only for 3 minutes before the "sudden death" mode kicks in.

Magic Manastrike 218a_wm
The gameplay is somewhat similar to Clash Royale

You’ll also have a Planeswalker that you can summon 3 times in each match. This is an exceptionally powerful unit with its own special ability that you can use. Moreover, it offers an added benefit: Normally you can only summon units on your side of the field, but if you have a Planeswalker active, you’ll be able to put more units right next to it, allowing them to reach the enemy towers faster without taking too much damage on the way.

Planeswalker D14d_wm
Planeswalkers are exceptionally powerful units with their own unique abilities

Naturally, since this is a card battle game, you’ll be able to choose your Planeswalker and a deck prior to each battle. The deck has to have the same color identity as your chosen Planeswalker, but it can contain colorless cards as well.

Creatures in Magic: ManaStrike all come with their own abilities and attributes such as power, toughness, movement speed, attack range, and more.  There are also Sorceries that you can cast to cause an instant impact on how the battle is going.

Magic Manastrike Units D50d_wm
Different units have different attributes

As for the monetization model, Magic: ManaStrike is going to be a free-to-play game with IAPs included. The game has been soft-launched for Android in certain regions of the world including Australia and Canada, so if you happen to live in one of those, you can check it out on the Google Play Store right now. Otherwise, stay tuned for more updates on the global release!