Fatui force still has a lot of secrets that can amaze Genshin Impact players. The information about eleven Fatui Harbingers often gets our attention. Check out some new Fatui leaks that may leave you shocked recently.

Story Of Pierro

According to previous leaks about the rank of eleven Fatui Harbingers, Pierro is the strongest harbinger. So, this villain can be the most powerful and dangerous character in Teyvat who can be stronger than many archons.

However, a recent leak about this force reveals that Pierro is not ranked as normal Harbingers. He is known as The Jester and is the leader of all Fatui Harbingers who is responsible for managing this organization, assigning tasks to other Harbingers, and minding every business in Fatui.

Pierro Genshin
Pierro is the leader of Fatui.

As widely known, Pierro was the royal mage from the lost nation Khaenri'ah. But the recent leak reveals that he might have betrayed his home nation in the disaster of cataclysm 500 years ago.

Ranks Of Fatui Harbingers

There are many changes in the ranks of other Harbingers in the Fatui organization according to recent leaks. It will change your mind about some characters.

  • Capitano is the strongest Fatui Harbinger and the most dangerous villain in this organization. He is also the most powerful creature in Teyvat. But Varka once said that he could defeat Capitano. But no one in Teyvat can confirm this information. Therefore, it's still a secret in this game.
  • As Pierro is not a Harbinger, one Fatui Harbinger is still unknown.
  • The order of all Fatui Harbingers is Capatino > Dottore > Columbina > Arlecchino > Pulcinella > Scaramouche > Sandrone > La Signora > Pantalone > Unknown > Tartaglia.
The Eleven Fatui Harbingers
Ranks of Fatui Harbingers

Other stories about Fatui will be unveiled in the future. Just keep following the game content to know more about this organization.

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