Genshin Impact Fayz Trials is an upcoming event in Update 3.0. You can earn tons of Primogems and experience in this interesting event. Check out how to join and play it here.

Event Schedule & Eligibility

The Fayz Trials event takes place between September 8th and 26th, 2022 in Sumeru. Only players who reached Adventure Rank 20 and above can take part in this event. Moreover, you have to complete the Archon Quest "Song of the Dragon and Freedom" to unlock this minigame in Genshin Impact 3.0.

In this upcoming Sumeru event, you will receive a special Fayz Potion drink to stop time to spot the enemy's weakness and defeat it. Besides, the event lets you use some trial characters to build up the best team for the battle.

Genshin Impact Fayz Trials
Fayz Trials is an interesting event.

Genshin Impact Fayz Trials Gameplay

Genshin Impact Fayz Trials is a combat event. You need to talk to a researcher from Sumeru to start the game. Then, play and start the challenge to claim rewards.

#1. Use Trial Characters

The event will provide players with some trial characters. You can only use those characters to build your teams, such as Collei, Xingqiu, Klee, and Kokomi. The team is ready to use and complete seven challenges in seven days of the event. Players cannot change the equipment of the built team.

Trial Characters
You only use trial characters.

#2. Enter Time Dilation

Though you cannot use Elemental Resonances during combat, the event provides you with a Fayz Potion. When your characters drink it, they enter the Time Dilation Mode. It helps players defeat enemies faster and more easily.

In specific, when the time is frozen for both your characters and the opponents, you can spot the weakness of the enemies to attack them. Though your characters cannot move after entering this mode, you can use the Viewfinder to watch around the battlefield as if you are using a special camera.

But you have to take down some enemies to collect the Faze Tincture to charge the Fayz Potion. When the portion is fully charged, players can consume this special drink.

Freeze Time
You can freeze time to spot the weaknesses of enemies.

#3. Capture Golden Weaknesses

During the Time Dilation Mode, players can observe and find the weakness of the opponents. Some opponents have the Golden Weaknesses. You can obtain more Fayz Tinctures when spotting those weaknesses. Moreover, your Supersense Skill will be unlocked and enhanced when you spot a certain number of weaknesses of the enemies.

Event Rewards

Fayz Trials is a great chance for players to earn a great number of Primogems and materials. Here are all rewards you can get in this event apart from Primogems;

  • Mora;
  • Hero's Wit;
  • Sumeru Weapon Ascension Materials;
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore;
  • Character Ascension Materials.
Genshin Impact Fayz Trials Rewards
Genshin Impact Fayz Trials event rewards.

This event will start soon. Just complete all current events and get ready for Genshin Impact Fayz Trials. You can use those Primogems to pull many attractive characters in the next event.

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