The mobile platform is home to tons of titles, but for me, few can match developer Tree Men Games’ car chase simulator series PAKO. The original PAKO have you control a constantly accelerating vehicle that has no brake in a relatively confined area, and you must try to last as long as possible without crashing into an obstacle or getting captured by the police (who will also get more and more aggressive as the game goes on).  A follow-up title, PAKO Forever, expands on that formula by adding randomly-generated levels, which work surprisingly well. And then we have PAKO 2, which features much larger levels and finally allows you to fight back against those annoying cops.

Pako Forever 2
PAKO puts you in a relatively confined space in which you must try to avoid obstacles and outrun the cops

So anyway, with Tree Men Games having 3 successful titles to its name, it’s quite interesting to see what else the studio has in store. Well, we’ll find that out soon enough, as Tree’s new game HELI 100 is launching today. Check out its trailer below:

According to the team at Tree Men Games, HELI 100 is their take on the bullet hell shoot ’em up genre. The game features 100 missions in which you will have to fight off enemies in a small arena using a variety of abilities and power-ups. Once you’ve completed all of them, there is also a leaderboard for you to climb.

Heli 100
Hectic aerial battles await you in Heli 100

The interesting thing about HELI 100 is that this time you’ll be controlling a helicopter instead of a car, which means your range of movement is much wider. Bullets will be coming at you from all directions, but you yourself are also capable of moving in all directions as well. That core concept really does resemble PAKO: You’re still in this confined area and must try to avoid all these damaging projectiles or obstacles. It’s a nice twist on the traditional formula from Tree Men that we know and love. If you enjoy the PAKO series or are simply looking for some hectic and fun helicopter action, HELI 100 is a game worth checking out.