Cabal is a very familiar name among gamers. Alongside its famous PC version, the mobile version of the franchise is coming very soon. The new MMORPG Cabal Mobile is making its way towards mobile and the title has only been announced recently.

Cabal Mobile
Cabal Mobile, an upcoming MMORPG based on the PC classic of the same name.

In fact, for gamers from South Korea, they can already participate in the closed beta.

Cabal Mobile
After a few glances, it is safe to say it looks incredibly similar to the original game.

Cabal the mobile game will settle in the same universe that its PC MMORPG takes place. Fortunately, for all the gamers out there, the fan-favorite combo-based battles are still here.

Cabal Mobile
The battle system, which is what Cabal prided itself on, will remain intact.

Furthermore, it is possible to travel around the world faster using hoverbikes. Sadly, an autoplay button is there in the trailer. This means that there might not be a lot of things going on with the gameplay. Check out the beta game trailer as below:

In general, it’s no doubt the PC version of Cabal was extraordinary and well-loved by the community. However, to see if the mobile version delivers or not, we must wait until we got our hands on the official game.