After a successful pre-registration phase and a short soft-launch test period, the anime-style simulation game Yokai Kitchen from developer FriendTimes is now available in several Southeast Asian countries! In this game, you will take on the role of the manager of a restaurant carried by a massive flying turtle, and your task is to turn it into the most popular restaurant the Spirit Realm has ever seen.

Yokai Kitchen Trailer

Throughout your journey, you’ll come across numerous Yokai that you can recruit to work at your restaurant. In case you don’t know, Yokai are a type of supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore. They possess powerful magical ability and are just as intelligent as us humans, capable of feeling all kinds of emotions from joy, sadness, to anger. They have different backgrounds and personalities, but at your call, they assemble in this restaurant to work as chefs, waiters, or other roles.

Yokia Kitchen Summon Companions
Recruit Yokai to work for your restaurant

In term of setting, Yokai Kitchen takes place in the Spirit Realm, a world that exists between heaven and earth. This massive realm consists of many regions, from the mysterious Atlantis Ocean to the mythical Kunlun Mountain. Each region has its own environment, and that naturally means the inhabitants are also different.

Creatures in this game are divided into 2 main types: Yokai and Foodimons. Yokai are your companions, with whom you can explore all the regions in the Realm. You will also have the chance to come across many awesome Yokai clans and learn about their origins.

Yokia Kitchen Explore Fantasy World
Explore this fantasy world

Meanwhile, Foodimons are incredible creatures that absorb energy from the Realm itself. If you manage to defeat them and then raise them in your farm, they will provide you with many unheard-of ingredients, with which you can create some unique dishes.

Yokia Kitchen Design Restaurant
Turn your restaurant into the most popular one in the Spirit Realm

As mentioned, Yokai Kitchen is currently available in Southeast Asia. There is no world of a global release yet, but we expect that it won’t be too long before we hear more about this title. Stay tuned.