Dragon Ball Super is an amazing update with lots of new features and myths. Let's check out these interesting myths and learn some tips and tricks to play better here. These tricks may help you get Chicken Dinner like a pro player.

#1. Kamehameha Counter Attacks

If you think that the Kamehameha energy wave can be stopped by a countering Kamehameha wave, you should change your mind. In PUBG Mobile, two Kamehameha energy waves cannot stop each other like in the movie. Both these waves will deal damage to the hit target.

Moreover, the Kamehameha waves in PUBG Mobile 2.7 can penetrate through walls and hit the target behind the walls. Therefore, you shouldn't trust this type of cover in the current update. It can even penetrate through floors, trees, rocks, and vehicles. To stay safe from this attack, you should leave the range of its effect.

Kamehameha Attacks
You should avoid Kamehameha attacks to stay alive.

Though Kamehameha energy could damage the health of players, it does not cause damage to the helmet and vest. Therefore, you can loot the armor set of the enemy after removing them from the match.

#2. KI-Activated Jump

When you jump down from a high place, you always take fall damage. But in update 2.7, you can activate the KI energy before jumping down from a building roof or high tower. It helps you land on the ground safely. You can also activate it while falling down by accident. This skill is very useful, especially when you play on Erangle where there are many high structures.

Activate Ki
Activate KI before jumping down from a high place.

#3. Air Car Hit

The air car is a new vehicle in PUBG Mobile 2.7. It does not run on the road. Instead, this car flies above the ground. Besides, it will neither hit players on the ground nor cause damage to them. You can see it fly through standing-still players. However, if anyone falls off the moving aircar, they will take fall damage and get knocked.

In addition, the aircar has a front bulletproof glass that protects the driver. Therefore, it's a very safe vehicle as long as you don't kill yourself by jumping off the car while it's moving. But enemies can shoot you from two sides of the car.

Dont Jump Off
Don't jump off a moving aircar.

#4. Summoning Shenron Dragon

After you successfully summon a Shenron Dragon with 7 Dragon Balls, a countdown clock will appear under the minimap. You cannot summon another dragon within 5 minutes. During that cooldown time, you can go to collect 7 other Dragon Balls to summon another Shenron Dragon after 5 minutes.

A PUBG Mobile player can summon this dragon 3-4 times in a game and have it realize their wishes. It means that you can revive your teammates many times for the last combat as long as you collect enough balls. You can save your summons for reviving teammates to win the last combat.

Summon Shenron Dragon
Summon Shenron Dragons to revive your teammates.

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