ACE32 is a new assault rifle in PUBG Mobile. It's a new option for assaulters in this battle royale game. Let's compare Galil ACE32 vs M416 - the legendary assault rifle in PUBG Mobile here. It may help you pick the better one for combat.

#1. Ammunition

The new gun Galil ACE32 uses 7.62mm ammo while M416 uses 5.56mm ammo. This new gun is somewhere between M416 and Beryl M762. Therefore, it's also called the Beryl-lite. But ACE32 is more stable than M762 and any other 7.62 rifles.

Ace32 Damage
ACE32 has a higher damage point than M416.

#2. Damage

The damage-per-hit point of M416 has been decreased to 40 HP/hit. But it does not make this legendary rifle weak and less preferred by PUBG Mobile players. ACE32 surpasses M416 in terms of damage as it has a higher hit point of 44 HP/hit. But other criteria must be taken into consideration.

#3. Firing Rate

The firing rate of the M416 was also decreased to 640 bullets/minute. Galil ACE32 also surpasses M416 with a high firing rate of 700 bullets/minute. Therefore, ACE32 can help you knock down the target faster with higher Damage-per-second (DPS).

Ace32 Firing Rate
Galil also has a higher firing rate and damage per second than the 5.56 rifle.

When all your bullets hit the target accurately, ACE32 deals a high DPS (513 HP/s). It's much higher than the DPS status of M416 (426 HP/s). The Galil gun is even stronger than Beryl M762, the most powerful non-airdrop AR in PUBG Mobile.

#4. Recoil

Though ACE32 is much more powerful than M416, it's still less picked in PUBG Mobile due to higher recoil. In specific:

  • ACE32's vertical recoil is higher than that of the M416 by 30%.
  • The horizontal recoil of the Galil gun is also higher than that of the M416 by around 10%.

It means that you may lose a lot of bullets if you cannot control the gun recoil well. When you get professional in controlling the gun barrel and have enough decent attachments, ACE32 will lead you to the Chicken Dinner quickly.

Ace32 Has Higher Recoil
ACE32 has higher recoil than M416 both vertically and horizontally.

#5. Reload Duration

The long reload duration is a weak point of Galil ACE32. It takes this gun 3.2 seconds to reload a full magazine. Whereas, it takes the M416 only 2.1 seconds to reload the full magazine. Therefore, PUBG Mobile esports players still prefer the legendary rifle M416 because of its flexibility.

Besides, ACE32 and M416 have the same attachment slots for the grid, barrel, magazine, and scope. But you should always prioritize the compensator for the Galil gun to reduce the gun recoil. Whereas, there are more barrel attachment options for players when using M416.

Ace32 Is Not Recommended For Beginners
ACE32 is not recommended for beginners and players with bad recoil-controlling skills.

In conclusion, M416 is still the safer and more reliable option for PUBG Mobile players due to its high stability and acceptable damage. Galil ACE32 can replace AKM and Beryl M762 as the secondary weapon of assaulters. It's not recommended for noobs and beginners.

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