PUBG Mobile 2.6 Dinoground Update introduced a lot of new features. There are many exciting myths about this update. Check them out and learn some useful tips from these myths.

#1. T-Rex Myths

The first myth is about the T-Rex Roar. According to the myth, this sound can break the glass. But it's wrong. The roaring sound of this dinosaur cannot break the glass window but the players standing behind the window still get damaged.

Another myth also said that the T-Rex roar can damage other T-Rex. In fact, your T-Rex does not get damaged by the roaring sound of its fellow. Therefore, this myth is busted. Only your enemies get damage from the T-Rex Roar.

T Rex Roar Myth
The Roar sound of the T-Rex cannot damage glass windows and other T-Rexes.

In addition, there is another myth saying that the Lynx AMR can penetrate through the T-Rex and cause damage to the opponent. It's confirmed because Lynx AMR can shoot through vehicles and T-Rex is a kind of vehicle. However, this kind of vehicle is pretty different from other vehicles, as you cannot refuel its energy.

#2. Flying Dinosaur Myths

Pterosaur is the flying dinosaur in PUBG Mobile 2.6. There is a myth saying that you will get less damage or zero damage if you get shot while riding this flying dinosaur. However, most of the bullets reach the wings of this dinosaur. Therefore, the player gets less damage, but the dino gets full damage.

Flying Dinosaur
Your Flying Dinosaur will work as a shield and get the most damage from the enemy's bullets.

In addition, you cannot land the Pterosaur on water bodies. This myth is true. No matter how many times you tap the descending button while riding it over the river, the fly dinosaur cannot land on the water's surface. When you left it and jump into the water, it remains flying in the same location for a while before flying up to the sky and disappearing.

#3. New Feature

There is a new useful feature in the new update that makes the game easier for you. Before the update, you cannot open the door after getting knocked down. But in the current update, you can open and close the door to hide and let teammates revise you. It's very helpful when there is no safe cover around you except for a closed house during open-ground combat.

Close And Open The Door
You can close and open the door after getting knocked down now.

#4. Falling Damage Myth

Moreover, the falling damage in the Dinoground mode is also changed. As normal, PUBG Mobile players will get falling damage when falling out of a high-speed running vehicle. It should work similarly when you ride a dinosaur. In fact, players won't take any falling damage when they fall off a T-Rex or Raptor running at high speeds.

No Fall Damage
No fall damage when jumping out of a running dinosaur.

You can learn some helpful tips and tricks from these interesting myths in PUBG Mobile 2.6. This is an exciting update with unique gameplay and a lot of amusements.

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