PUBG Mobile 2.6 has been released with tons of amusements and new features in the Dinoground and World of Wonder modes. Check out the top 5 amazing features in the PUBG Mobile Dinoground update here.

#1. Full-Auto Mod

MK47 Mutant and M16A4 are two powerful semi-auto rifles for mid-range shooting. The new attachment Full-Auto Mod can turn them into a fully automatic gun to spray bullets. However, beginners may get difficulty controlling the gun recoil in full-auto mode.

Full Auto Mod
Full-Auto Mod is a new attachment for semi-auto riffles.

#2. Convertible Sports Car

Though the convertible car is not a tactical update, it still made a lot of players excited. You can open or close the top of the car as desired while traversing the map. It's also an interesting way to experience the game. You can use this mode for the popular sports car Mirado now.

Convertible Sports Car
Convertible Sports Car mechanic is not tactical but fun.

#3. Companion Spectating

The new companion spectating system in Battle Royale mode will make PUBG Mobile more interesting. After you are eliminated from the match, you can spectate alive teammates for the remainder of the game in the shape of a companion.

Besides, you can perform emotes and adorable actions of the companion, such as jumping, running, and swimming. It makes the battlefield funnier and livelier.

Car Change
You can open and close the top of the sports car Mirado in this game.

#4. Dinosaur Mini-Games

There are many amazing minigames in the Dinoground mode. Players can tame and ride small dinosaurs on the ground or flying dinosaurs. You can also rescue and tame a giant T-Rex in random Dino Settlements on the map, which can carry a full squad.

There are many interesting minigames in Primal Zones.

  • Pterosaur Hoops: Participants will ride a Pterosaur to collect rewards from treasure boxed in the minigame zones within the given time.
  • Velociraptor Jumping: Participants will ride a Velociraptor and jump to higher platforms.

You will get a lot of supplies after completing these minigames.

There are many mini-games in Dinoground and World of Wonder.


PUBGM Go! is a new parkour-inspired minigame in the World of Wonder mode. You have to pass many traps and obstacles to reach the finish line before enemies. It's also an addictive game mode in PUBG Mobile Dinoground update 2.6.

Pubgm Go
PUBGM GO is an exciting racing game.

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