Close-range combat in PUBG Mobile requires players to have pro skills and tips. You also have to avoid making mistakes to survive. Avoid these close-range mistakes in PUBG Mobile that pro players don't want to let you know.

#1. Wrong Movement

Many PUBG Mobile players believe that jiggle movement makes them dodge the enemy's bullets. However, it only works in long-range combat. When facing enemies in close-range combat, you should avoid jiggle movement to the left and right. From the perspective of the opponent, you are still an easy target.

Instead, moving straight to the left or right helps you dodge the bullets better and stay safe. Follow these steps to move correctly and win close combat.

  1. Step back a bit from your cover.
  2. Don't prefire.
  3. Pull your joystick 20 degrees.
  4. Sprint out and fire with the gun aiming at the head level of the enemy.
Aim Before Get Out Of Cover
You must aim before getting out of cover.

That's the solution to close combat in every mode, including Deathmatch and Battle Royale.

#2. When Being Rushed

Noob players often get panic when being rushed and run out of cover to attack first. But it's one of the most deadly close-range mistakes when you face pro players. You will become their chicken dinner quickly when rushing back and shooting without knowing the target.

Instead, pro players often stay defended and learn the opponent's location to aim precisely and end them quickly. It also helps them save bullets and their lives. Check out how pro players react when being rushed.

  1. Rotate your camera to spot enemies.
  2. Check his moving path from your perspective.
  3. Adjust your crosshair at the head level of the enemy.
  4. Run out and shoot to headshot him.
Check The Enemy First
Check the enemy first to get prepared by rotating the camera.

Don't pre-fire because it can slow down your movement and make them an easy target to enemies. Besides, the cover can block your bullets.

#3. Hip-Fire Failure

When the opponent is a bit away about 10 meters, he is still small and harder to aim. Therefore, hip-firing will make bullets scatter and fail to hit the target even when you block the aim. But pro players have a solution to make every bullet hit the target correctly.

Here are tips to make your aim more precise when the opponent is more precise.

  • Use a red dot or holo to aim.
  • Open and close the scope instantly

It helps you gain a 100% headshot rate. But it does not work at a very close range when the enemy stands in front of you. Opening the scope in face-to-face combat make you slower than the opponent. Full hip fire is better because the enemy is big enough to shoot accurately despite bullet scatter.

Open And Close Scope Quickly
Open and close the scope quickly to increase the headshot rate.

Don't forget to use the cover wisely when the enemy is very close to you. In the battle royale mode, you will lose the combat when stay uncovered. Avoiding these close-range mistakes is also a pro tip in this game.

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