Imagination Plaza is a big addition to PUBG Mobile 2.5 during the 5th anniversary. The two new plazas are brand-new hot spots in Erangel. Check out the best tips to survive and clear these areas in this update. It's the first step to getting your Chicken Dinner.

Land On Imagination Plaza

There are two brand-new Imagination Plazas in the Ranked Mode - Erangel. You can see these two locations marked on the minimap. The plazas are located in Stalber and the Quarry in the northeast and southwest corners of the map.

Choose the best time and distance to jump based on the flight route. Then, make sure you land before other players. If someone lands before you, avoid countering them directly. You ought to land behind an obstacle to loot weapons, bullets, and armor first.

Clear Clear Imagination Plaza
Learn how to master Imagination Plaza and get all decent loot.

Gear Up Quickly

After landing, try to gear up rapidly and get ready for early combat. There are tons of weapons, armor items, and supplies in these two plazas. Therefore, you usually encounter many enemies. Grab any weapons and bullets around you to react quickly. Armor and helmet are also key elements to keep you alive.

Loot New Items

Grab some Block Covers to protect you in these hot spots. You can build some instant shields to stay behind and heal your HP, reload bullets, and fire back. Imagination Plaza visitors can also get some Dual-Purpose Cannon and Portable Trampolines. Don't ignore these useful items that can launch you far away from the center of combat.

The Dual-Purpose Cannon will help you reach high places, such as towers. The Portable Trampolines also launch you and your teammates into the air.

Use New Items
New items will help you win combat.

Anniversary Crates

There are four keys to unlock the Anniversary Crates in the Imagination Plazas. You go find and loot the key for the secret crates. Then, bring them to the marked locations of key processing platforms. After the bar is filled, you successfully unlock the crate.

But make sure that there are no assassins around this area or they will shoot you down before the progress completes. You should unlock the crate with teammates and enjoy your achievements together. Your teammates can give you enough support and protection during this process.

Unlock The Secret Crate
Unlock the secret crate

Stay Alert

If you play in single-player mode, use the Block Cover to cover yourself when you stand on the platform and wait for the full bar. You don't want to become an easy target of many enemies around. All four platforms must be activated.

After unlocking the crate, use the cannon to launch your character to the crate on the tower. There are tons of advanced and rare supplies in the crate. Don't lose your alert and let enemies get them all after knocking you down.

Team Up With Friends To Win
Team up with friends to win

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