PUBG Mobile Honey Badger is a new assault rifle in Update 2.4. It's a novel option for tankers and aggressive players in close combat with many advantages. Check out some tips to use this AR as a pro player.

I. Honey Badger Guide

Honey Badger is a new 7.62 AR that can be found in Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik only. It's better to understand this weapon before figuring out some tips to use it as a pro player.

Honey Badger
Honey Badger is a new AR in update 2.4.

#1. Damage

Honey Badger has a pretty low hit DMG of 43 HP/hit though this gun uses 7.62mm ammo. In fact, its damage only equals that of M416 which uses 5.56mm ammo and has been nerfed several times. That's also the reason why it's not a good choice for single shots.

#2. Rate of fire

Despite the low hit damage, Honey Badger has a high rate of fire. It can fire 11.5 bullets per second on average, which is much higher than the firing rate of AKM and slightly lower than M762. But this new 7.62 AR cannot outperform AUG and Groza in terms of firing speed. It's understandable because AUG and Groza are two airdrop guns.

New Ar For Close Combat
Use this new gun for close combat

#3. Damage Per Second

But it's the DPS stat that tells us how powerful an AR is because this type of weapon is designed for bullet spray in close and mid-range combat. Honey Badger has a pretty decent DPS of 493 HP/s, which outperforms AKM and M762. It's enough to knock down an enemy with level-3 armor and helmet set in a few seconds.

#4. Recoil

Honey Badger almost doesn't have horizontal recoil. It makes this gun easier to control. The barrel goes up in almost a straight line. Its verticle recoil pattern almost doubles that of the M416, but the Honey Badger is still one of the most stable ARs for beginners.

It Only Has Verticle Recoil
It only has verticle recoil.

II. Tips To Control Honey Badger

PUBG Mobile Honey Badger has a high verticle recoil. Therefore, the barrel often chokes up very quickly. It makes many players confused. You can practice your shooting skill in the training ground and learn to pull the gun down quickly.

You should practice this tip more on the training ground before starting the battle royale game. Besides, bring a more stable gun with you for long-range combat because Honey Badger does not perform well in long distances. It's the best gun for close-range hip fire.

Learn To Pull The Barrel Down
Learn to pull the barrel down rapidly to control the gun recoil.

But its bullet velocity is lower than that of AKM and Beryl. Then, it's only good for mid-range and close-range spray to stable targets. Don't use this gun to spray at moving targets, such as cars and motorbikes. You should use it to replace UZI and other SMGs that you often use in close combat when playing on Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik maps.

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