Dinoground, World of Wonder, and many new features in Update 2.6 have been released. This will be a big update after the Anniversary update with tons of amusements. Check out the patch notes of this exciting update here.

I. Dinoground Theme Mode

Dinoground mode is available on Erangel and Livik maps from May 16th. It will end after June 18th. There are many prehistoric dinosaurs, such as Velociraptor, Pterosaur, and T. Rex arriving on these maps.

T Rex
The new Dinoground theme mode brings tons of amusements to the battlefield.

1.1. Primal Zones

You can find Velociraptors and Pterosaurs in Primal Zones on Erangel. Then, tame them to have a strong and loyal companion who can carry you to traverse the map.

  • Velociraptor is better in ground-type combat with jumping skills. It can carry you to reach the rooftop or high platforms
  • Pterosaur is better at flying. It can also grab players on the ground to disrupt enemies and support teammates.

Moreover, you can also play Dino Hatchery, Pterosaur Hoops, and Velociraptor Jumping minigames in these zones to obtain supplies.

Velociraptor is a nimble companion for single players.

1.2. Dino Settlement

You will always see a T-Rex spawning randomly in Dino Settlement in every battle royale match. There are three settlements every game. It's stronger than other types of dinosaurs in this update. It can carry more players and have more skills.

You can rescue a T-Rex in each settlement to carry the whole squad to traverse the map quickly. Moreover, it can bring your team to cross rivers. Roar and Dash are two special skills of this dinosaur.

Explore Dinoground
Explore Dinoground and rescue a T-rex in the Dinosaur Settlement.

II. World of Wonder Gameplay

World of Wonder, or WOW, is a special mode in the current update. There are many new gaming devices in this new game mode, including:

  • Teleportation Device
  • Dinosaur Spawn Device
  • UAZ Spawn Device
  • Trampoline
  • Launcher
  • Boost Belt
  • Conveyer Belt

In addition, the new game mode parkour is also introduced in the current update. You will spawn with other players in the starting line. Then, participants have to cross the moving platforms and avoid the swinging hammers to reach the finish line.

New Features In Pubg Mobile 2 6
There are tons of new features in PUBG Mobile 2.6 World of Wonder mode.

III. Updates for Classic Mode

There are many new updates in the classic mode. It makes the game more exciting and PUBG Mobile 2.6 unique.

  • Full-Auto Mod attachment for Mk47 and M16A4 to spray bullet in burst firing mode
  • Changes in the spectating system for gun
  • Controlling function for Companion Emote
  • Convertible sports car
  • Vehicle locations
  • Supply Shop adjustments

Besides, your running speed will not decrease when holding an SMG. PUBG Mobile 2.6 is a big update. After the anniversary update, PUBG Mobile players continue to enjoy further new experiences in the open prehistoric world of the Dinoground update.

T Rex Is The Strongest Companion
Dinoground is a big update with various minigames and exciting game modes.

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