Ningguang is a Geo Catalyst character in Genshin Impact. Overall, she is a powerful support character with the capability to deal both consistent and burst damage. However, being a Geo character, building Ningguang DPS is a little bit tricky. In this article, is going to showcase a complete Ningguang Genshin Impact build guide.

1. Ningguang Genshin Impact Overview

Ningguang is the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing and owns the floating Jade Chamber in the skies of Liyue.

Ningguang Genshin Impact Build


  • High Elemental Burst DMG.
  • Can increase the party's Geo DMG with Jade Screen.
  • Shield provides protection against ranged attacks.
  • Useful for long-range fights.


  • Slow ATK Speed.
  • Auto target Normal Attacks are not that good against multiple enemies.

2. Ningguang Constellations and Talent Priority


Ningguang is a character that scales extremely well with high constellation levels, making her one of the burstier single target units in the game. Her two power spikes are C2 and C6, with the latter massively increasing Ningguang's DPS potential

Ningguang Constellations
Ningguang Constellations
  • C2: When Jade Screen is shattered, its CD will reset. Can occur every 6s.
  • C6: When Starshatter is used, Ningguang gains 7 Star Jades.

Talent Priority

Overall, in main DPS builds, maxing Ningguang's attack and burst are more important. Players might want to leave Jade Screen's level at 1 so that Ningguang's C2 has an easier time triggering. Sub DPS builds, on the other hand, focus on maxing Ningguang's skill and burst.

  • Main DPS: Normal Attack > Starshatter > Jade Screen
  • Sub DPS: Starshatter > Jade Screen > Normal Attack

3. How to use Ningguang

Normal Attack Twice Before Charged Attack

After unlocking the Backup Plan passive skill, your charged attacks won't cost any Stamina if you have at least 1 Star Jade. Using a charged attack will fire all Star Jades at the enemy as well for increased DMG.

Star Jade
Level 90 Ningguang at maximum power.

To maximize her damage, just hit the enemy twice with normal attacks then follow up with a charged attack.

Use Jade Screen effectively

Jade Screen is a highly useful ability that can be used both offensively and defensively. Players can block off ranged attackers with it and deal with the nearby melee opponents. When timed well, players can even block off some powerful attacks.

Jade Screen
Her Jade Screen is a great defensive ability.

Remember to walk through the screen for some extra Geo damage boost.

How to maximize Starshatter damage

Ningguang Burst
Starbreaker can deal massive damage in the right conditions.

Ningguang's burst, Starshatter releases Star Jades that lock on enemies to deal massive GEO DMG. To maximize its damage, place a Jade Screen nearby and walk through it before using Starshatter. Additional Star Jades will be fired when it's used near a Jade Screen.

4. Ningguang Genshin Impact Build

Ningguang build for Main DPS

Memory Of Dust
Memory Of Dust

While Ningguang's attack speed is low, they are powerful and flow well with her skill and burst. In a DPS build, players would focus on increasing her Geo damage.

  • Recommended weapon: Memory Of Dust
  • Recommended artifact set: Archaic Petra x2 + Gladiator's Finale x2

Alternatively, players can use the Lost Prayer To The Sacred Winds/ Solar Pearl/ Dodoco Tales.

Ningguang build for sub DPS/support

The Widsith Ningguang
The Widsith

However, if players want to play Ningguang as sub-DPS or support, they need to stack her up with energy regeneration gear and burst damage gear. In this build, Ningguang would only come out to cast her skill and burst.

  • Recommended weapon: The Widsith
  • Recommended artifact sets: Noblesse Oblige x2 + Archaic Petra x2

Alternatively, players can use the Thrilling Tales Of Dragon Slayers or Prototype Amber.

5. Best teams for Ningguang

Overall, building teams around Ningguang is rather easy, as she can do most of the attacking by herself.

Ningguang main DPS team

  • Ningguang + Fischl + Bennett + Xingqiu

With Ningguang mainly dealing damage via normal and charged attacks, building a team around her is actually rather simple and cheap. Bennett is the main support with damage boost and heal. Both Fischl and Xingqiu serve the sub DPS role, as their capability to deal damage while off-field can amplify Ningguang's DPS potential.

Fischl Xiangling Chongyun Xingqiu Guoba And 2 Mor
Ningguang has decent synergy with some of the best supports in the game.

Players can substitute either Fischl or Xingqiu with a Pyro and a Geo character in order to unlock Pyro and Geo resonance for Ningguang. Xiangling, Zhongli and Albedo are decent options.

Ningguang sub DPS/support team

  • Zhongli + Albedo + Ningguang + Gorou

Ningguang can definitely play second fiddle in most team comp, however, teams that focus on Geo benefit her the most. Either Zhongli or Albedo would be the main core of the team, dealing damage with their powerful Geo abilities. Ningguang's only role is to come out once in a while to release her skill and burst.

Itto Best Claymore
Ningguang can definitely play a part in a Gorou + Itto pure Geo comp.

Gorou is there to boost the damage of the whole team. Players can replace Zhongli and Albedo with Itto and a support character such as Bennett.

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