Supercell’s Clash of Clans has been around for quite a long time. Released back then in 2012, the game has attracted a decent fanbase and community. While the game boasts great numbers in revenue, it never quite managed to establish an esports scene.

The grand final between MCES and Nova Esports

World's first Clash Of Clans tournament

Things have changed. The first Clash of Clan tournament has just concluded yesterday with a victory for Nova Esports. The purple jersey squad defeated MCES 3-1 in a close fashion. They took the lion’s share of $250,000 for a single tournament, equivalent to the prize money of the world’s #1 CS:GO team EG after their victory in StarSeries i-League Season 8. Nova Esports' player “Wei” was crowned the MVP of the tournament for his outstanding performance.

Clash Of Clans Nova 02
Nova Esports emerged victorious after defeating MCES 3-1

With a total prize pool of $1 million, Clash Of Clans World Championship has brought good money on the line for 8 teams from around the world. The runner-up MCES earned a massive $150,000 while the 3-4th placing teams received $50,000. The last placing teams received a consolation prize of $37,500.

Clash Of Clans Nova 03
8 teams competed in the $1 million World Championship

Unfortunately, Indian Clashers – one Indian CoC squad has reached the Clash of Clans qualifier round in March. However, one plaguing traveling problem once again prevented one Indian team from attending the event. They couldn’t secure the visa and had to drop out of the tournament. What a pity for the Indian Clash of Clans scene.

Clash Of Clans Nova 05
With great money on the line, will the game establish its own esports scene worldwide?

Clash of Clans is among the highest revenue mobile games in the world. According to the mobile market analysis SensorTower, the game has reached a whopping number of $6.4 billion by March 2019. Boasting that large number, Clash of Clans is pretty popular around the world. Will the first World Championship final mark the milestone for Clash Of Clans to become one esports, even challenging PUBG Mobile or Fortnite?