The original RuneScape just turned 18 recently, and to celebrate this event, developer Jagex has mentioned about another big milestone: the series reached its new height in the number of active users each month and paid subscribers. So what creates a big change for the series to enter this new area?

The company said this achievement came from 5 million installs of the recently-launched Old School RuneScape and the RuneScape proper beta testing at the moment on mobile, which leads to the increase in new subscribers and players. RuneScape was originally a browser game back in 2001 and has seen substantial changes in the past 18 years. However, the earliest, most hardcore players of the game preferred how things were back then. Therefore, Jagex launched an Old School version in 2013 to offer players an experience similar to the version in 2007, but with some advanced conveniences. Since then, they have been managing both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape proper simultaneously. The former was available on mobile last October while the latter is expected to launch on the platform this year.

Old School Runescape Screenshot 1340x754

Although several MMORPGs for the mobile platform have been launched for recent years, there was nothing that actually reaches Old School RuneScape’s scope. It is really remarkable. The game is an extremely interesting experience that truly lives up to expectation.

Old School Mobile Global Launch Trailer

Like its very name suggests, Old School RuneScape is, well, old school, and the learning curve for those who are not used to MMORPGs might be a bit steep. To deal with this issue, Jagex has released an excellent series of video tutorial for new players, which will be a big help for them on their journey. It is absolutely a game worth playing. When waiting for the launch of RuneScape proper on mobile later this year, let’s continue to enjoy the current Old School version.

Runescape Mobile Client Is Coming To Android And I
Let's continue to enjoy Old School while waiting for the upcoming release later this year