At first glance, Omega Wars may seem like any other copy of Clash Royale, but it is not. Yes, it adopts many features from Supercell's hit game, but it has many new elements that make it a different game.

The game is still card-based with real-time battles featuring spells, unique skills, and units which are used to destroy your opponents.

But that's all you can find the 2 games similar. Omega Wars features 3 different races including Human, Phantom, and Demon that you can choose from. Each race has its own unique abilities, specs, style, strengths, and weaknesses that you have to properly keep in mind to adapt your battling style.

Omega Wars
3 different races to choose from

While the Human race has 3 commanders leading their troops into battles with the attacking range limited by the command tower, the Demon race features the Demon Lord, whose power is overwhelming and brutal, and he has 3 lives too. The Phantom race, on the other hand, is commanded by the Twin Princesses, who reside in one of the Crystal Roses on the battlefield, with the other fake towers around to confuse the enemy.

Race Phantom Omega Wars
Twin Princesses of the Phantom.

One great new feature is that the game lets you merge different cards with each other to create better-performance units for your force. For example, you can protect an attacking unit with a defensive one, or use special unit combinations to enhance your attacks. Creativity can play a big role here.

You can also strengthen your army by leveling up cards, it can give you better stats while providing unique active and passive abilities. Even better, you can totally turn the tide of the match by flipping a card to reveal its different form for adopting new strategies to surprise your opponents.

The game also features live spectator, 2v2 arena with your friend and clanmates, and an AR camera view angle, which makes the experiences more fun and lively.

Omega Wars is available now on Google Play.

Check out the gameplay: