Free Fire just crossed its 3-year mark and break its own record with more than 100 million active players in one day. However, the game didn't have as many players back then when it was just released.

Free Fire
Free Fire wasn't always this colorful with all these exciting items and skins

The game didn't have as many outfits and skins as nowadays and all the old silly skins and items have been replaced over time by the new ones. But that only makes those old items more valuable because no one can have them anymore except for players who have been playing Free Fire since the beginning.

Let's check out this list 5 rare items to see if you are an old Free Fire player or not.

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1. UMP Ruby

You might even consider yourself an old Free Fire player if you have even heard of this legendary UMP skin. The UMP Ruby skin is not just an old skin but it was the first skin ever to be released in Free Fire back in 2018. The UMP Ruby doesn't have any stats boost. It is literally just a skin to make the gun look better.

The UMP Ruby skin is not just an old skin but it was the first skin ever to be released in Free Fire

You could get this skin from a top-up event. Ever since that event, this skin never appears in Free Fire again.

2. Old Costumes

There weren't many cool bundles with different themes back then when the game was released. All players have are simple shirt with simple designs. They are just white shirts with simple posters such as “Keep Calm and Booyah!”, “I Got You”, or “No School Today?? Yes!!!”.

These plain white shirts with simple wording were the only things available back then

3. Charity Box Loot Box

Charity Box Loot Box is also one of the rarest items in Free Fire that only old players can have. In order to get this loot box, you have to spin the Diamonds Royale. Of course, it definitely does not look as attractive as loot boxes you see in Free Fire now.

This box was only available in the Diamond Royale back then

4. Old Backpacks

Free Fire players who played from Season 1 must remember these 2 backpacks, the Leopard and Puppy Lover backpacks. These were the two first backpacks skin that was released in Free Fire.


5. The Executioner

The Executioner Machete skin is the same as the UMP Ruby skin. It was released in 2018 and it is now no longer available in Free Fire so it has become one of the rarest skins in Free Fire.

Back then, in order to get this skin, you have to reach the Gold tier in Ranked mode.

The Executioner Machete skin was the first reward for players who reached the Gold tier in Free Fire

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