The new MMORPG OverHit is finally coming after the long wait when you can now download the game for free from your App Store or Google Play. Since the game has gained over 1 million pre-registered players, everyone can enjoy the in-game exclusive rewards like A-Gems, Gacha Tickets, and more.

Overhit is developed with Unreal Engine 4 Graphics, which gives players the same feeling of a PC game.

With its top-notch graphics, the game brings up a universe in which its civilizations co-exist across space and time. There are over 120 diverse and playable characters await for your collecting and training. You are able to create your own team with unique heroes you have. At the same time, you can also combine some specific heroes to unleash their powerful skills in a battle.

Overhit Trailer

When it comes to multiplayer, the game allows players to team up with others to fight against dungeon bosses in challenging turn-based RPG action. Players can even join a guild to enter the massive guild raids. Moreover, the game features a cast of famous Japanese dub actors such as Morikawa Toiyuki (Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth) and Ishikawa Kaito (Nero from Devil May Cry).

Overhit Is Focused On Both Sides Of Pve And Pvp Fr
OverHit is focused on both sides of PvE and PvP, from joining arena, guilds or adventuring, to team up to fight bosses.

For its global launch, OverHit invites players to explore many brand new features such as new rewards, quests, navigation panels, and user rating systems. All players participating in the global launch can join the SSR character giveaway also.

To fully experience this great graphic masterpiece, you need a smartphone with strong configuration. However, Nexon also claimed that the game would have a lower configuration option for the older-gen smartphones.

The game is developed by NAT Games and published by Nexon. It is now available globally in all countries except for China, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan.