Panda Arcade, a game developer from Australia, has been working on Pico Tanks for two years. Their ambition is to create a team-based multiplayer mobile game that is casual enough to attract casual players while at the same time competitive enough to keep the more hardcore players around to experience more advanced levels.  Pico Tanks is a “super polished multiplayer tank battler” where you enjoy a customized system to decorate your tanks.

The beta test of Pico Tanks is now available

Pico Tanks is not officially launched, yet Panda Arcades has released many updates since November last year, which received lots of attention from the audiences. Recently, a gameplay video has also been uploaded showing a 2v2 battle to give out the idea of how the game will be like.

Here comes fantastic news for the fans of Pico Tanks: the title is nearing the finish line as the developers are working on a closed beta test. The soft launch is planned to be early next year, followed by a global launch very soon. For those who wish to join the beta test, visit the Discord server of Pico Tanks, and all the instructions needed are there. There is also a new trailer about Discord and the beta test.

On Discord, the early testers are already chatting about their experience with the game and these are all positive feedbacks. A lot of short clips of the game have also been posted on the team’s YouTube channelAnother new and exciting part is that you can customize your tank with hats, in addition to the existing units and weaponry.

Pico Tanks Hover Tank With Spud Gun Mp4
Hopefully, this would be a wonderful game to try out

All news about the game will be updated frequently, from the testing period to its soft release and finally the official launch in 2019.