Come with the collaboration with  Money Heist, Free Fire brings players a short story of a huge heist involving many characters. They are lead by a mysterious Professor who created Plan Bermuda to steal the gold on the bank on Bermuda. But is it the only purpose of this heist?

Plan Bermuda Chapter 1 Heist Free Fire Official St
The plan was to get all the gold in the bank on Bermuda

In the second chapter, the operation seemed to go wrong as Maxim has been caught by the bad guys. However, Chapter 3 has revealed to us that it was actually according to the plan. Maxin was just a bait for Moco to hack into their server and expose everything they have done to the world and get people to rise up against evil.

Plan Bermuda Story Chapter 3 Survival 0 19 Screens
Maxim was just a bait so Moco can hack into their system

After that, they recused Maxim while Kelly and Avalro open the vault to get the gold. The bank heist was a success, but that not the end of the mission yet. The gold in the vault is just a small part and there is still a lot of money hidden across Bermuda. The true mission is to get all of them back and Free Fire players are the ones who are going to do it.

Free Fire Special Money Heist Mode

To join the special heist mission to collect cash around Bermuda, you can play the new Free Fire Special Money Heist Mode that was just released into the game.

In this mode, 2 teams of 4 players will be fighting each other to gain control of 3 Money Printer around the map and get cash. The team who gets 30,000 cash first or gets more cash when the 10-minutes timer runs out wins.

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