Yeah Bunny 2, one of the most adorable platform games, has finally announced the arrival of its sequel. This new version takes a white cute rabbit as the protagonist and has a design that makes it perfect for a mobile device. Check out a short gameplay clip below:

All this fur ball wants is to enjoy itself but it has to embark on a journey to rescue his chick pals which have been abducted. To fulfill its mission, the bunny must go fight its way through several worlds by running, climbing, and jumping.

The game takes its clues from other titles like Super Cat Tales and is super easy to operate. All players have to do is to tap the screen to make the bunny jump or climb because it will run on its own. It packs serious strength in that tiny body so do not be surprised if you see it swiftly climbing a wall or hopping to a great height.

The game is a nice reminisces of the classic platform games. It is easy enough to pull in new players but has also offers enough challenge to keep veterans engaged.

The bunny can leap really high

The first title of this game debuted in June 2017 and is the creation of Adrian Zarzycki, an independent developer from Poland. As with its second version, Yeah Bunny! is also free to play with complete automation of running and the fact that it allows players to control the bunny with just a touch on the screen.

While platformers are not new in app stores and surely there are a lot of them out there, a game with this much attention to details showing in the way the developer made the levels is always welcomed by gamers. The game deserved success and it did. Yeah Bunny! boasts a download rate of over 1.5 million, paving the way for the sequel to be out next month.

It is on a mission to save the kidnapped chicks

Yeah Bunny 2 will be available from the 13th of March on Google and Apple’s store. So when it is, let’s take advantage of its non-existent price tag to give it a try.