Team Super Girls is the only all-female PUBG Mobile team in the entire PMCO 2020 India Group Stage. They had to go through the deadly Online Qualifiers just like any other teams and defeated thousand of others to earn their slot into the Group Stage. However, their road in the Group Stage was not smooth as they have to deal with some unfortunate internal problems.

On Day 2 of the PMCO 2020 India Group Stage between Group C and Group D, team Super Girls played their matches with only 3 players, which hinder their potential and hurt their overall results a lot.

Team Supergirls Pmco
Team Super Girls had to go through the PMCO Online Qualifiers adn defeated thousand of other teams for the Group Stage

It turns out that their IGL, Mayuri "Olive" Singh, didn't show up to play the matches and didn't answer any phone calls from her teammates either. What more suspicious was that she deactivate all her social network accounts. Of course, all her teammates were very frustrated and angry with her. A player of team Super Girls, Tanisha, shared this story on her Instagram, accusing Olive of scamming the team.

Tanisha Accuses Olive
Tanisha Accuses Olive of abandoning her team in the Group Stage without any prior notification

But team Super Girls did register for 5 players so they can totally fill up space with their remaining player for later rounds. However, playing without their IGL is still going to be a big loss for the team. IGL is the one who calls the shots and rotations for the whole team. Super Girls will need the rethink their strategies and rotations for their upcoming matches. Olive's decision to abandon their team as the IGL without any notification was truely hard to understand as she must have gone through a long road with the team since the Online Qualifiers. Let's hear her side of the story to see the truth behind this drama.

Olive's explanation

Olive did admit that she had some serious family business so she couldn't show up for the matches. She confirmed that she turned off her phone for that same reason. However, there are some details in her story that are different from the story above. Olive said that she wasn't the IGL of the team and she has just joined the team a few days ago. She actually only joined the team as a substitute player and all other members knew that she won't be available fulltime for the team.

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Olive wasn't the one to blame for the whole story, unlike what other team members said

Olive directly pointed out that other players were trying to blame everything on her while it was Shreya the one who didn't show up in the first place and put the team in a hard situation. To prove everything she said is true, Olive posted screenshots of her chat with Shreya on Whatsapp to her Instagram.

84902 Olive Stories 1
Olive present her side of the story on her Instagram and clarify that she was just the 5th player, not the IGL of the team, just the position

What do you think about this after hearing both sides of the story? In my opinion, Olive did have some responsibilities in this matter, however, what other team members in Super Girls did was wrong. Olive shouldn't be blamed for everything.

In the end, no matter whose false it is, the team still suffered a great loss as they are now in 32nd place after Day 4 and they only have 4 matches left. Only the top 24 teams will move on to the Semi-Finals. Will they be able to come back with only 4 matches? Follow us to keep updated on the latest news about the PMCO 2020.