The PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East Season Zero League Play Week 1 has ended yesterday. We have now determined the top 16 teams who will be in the Super Weekend of Week 1.

Orange Rock maintained their great performance ever since the beginning of PMWL East and got their first minor victory as the 1st place team in the League Play Week 1.  Most Indian teams have made it in the top 16 and also qualified for the Super Weekend of Week 1, apart from GodLike, who placed 19th after Day 2.

21548 Pmwl Week 1 Overall Standings
Overall Standings and Results of the PMWL East 2020 Season Zero League Play Day 2 Week 1
83701 Pmwl Week 1 Overall Standings 2
Overall Standings and Results of the PMWL East 2020 Season Zero League Play Day 2 Week 1

Orange Rock started Day 2 with an early loss, but they made it up by placing high in later matches and even got a Chicken Dinner. The strong performance of ScoutOP really helped Orange Rock a lot during their run in the PMWL East so far. They earned a total of 122 points with 54 kills during the 2 Day of the League Play.

Scout Op 7820 Aac4
Orange Rock has made the right choice to include ScoutIOP into their roster

Bigetron RA started off slow on the first day but they turned back into a beast on the second day and ended up with 2 places with 114 points and 46 kills. On the third match, their member Zuxxy did an impressive feat of killing 3 players of Valdus Esports by himself, earning Bigetron RA the Chicken Dinner.

Other than Orange Rock, most other Indians placed on the lower half of the leaderboard. However, it doesn't matter because only the points in the Super Weekend will be counted toward the finals results of the League Play.

What teams need to focus right now is to do their best during this Super Weekend, which will be on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week from July 17 to July 19. You can check out the live stream of the Super Weekend on the PUBG Mobile India Official Youtube channel.

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