Ever since the once used to be unsurprisingly famous game all over the world - Pokemon Go - was released, many players have been practicing to become the perfect capturer of them all. Now that you have got the hang of catching the Pokémon, it will not be long until it’s time for you to prove how well you know to put all of your Pokémon to the best use possible. After all, the main purpose of capturing the Pokémon is not just to trap them in small spherical cages, isn’t it?

Pokemon Go 3
Capture your own Pokémon with Pokémon Go

It has been a while since Niantic released a teaser for the latest implementation of the game Pokémon about PvP battles between trainers. It seems like this highly sought-after feature is very likely to be available soon. To prove that, here’s the tweet Niantic posted earlier today.

It is obvious that we still don’t have the exact release time and date of the new implementation. However, we do know for sure that it is short and we will not have to wait for too long until then. After all, we have already been waiting relentlessly for the past two years.

It may be somewhat ambitious. Still, Niantic is holding its monthly Pokémon Go Community Day this weekend. There is a high chance that this would be one of the first places the company will choose to introduce the new feature, where all the biggest fans of the game and the Pokémon will be nearby strolling through any area of the park searching for their future Pokémon.

Pokemon Lets Go
Pokémon Let's Go

It does not matter when this event is going to happen, it'll definitely be intriguing to see how this tapping-focused mobile game would handle PvP. Traditionally saying, it's only games such as the recently-released Pokémon Let's Go which is fully equipped with RPG elements that concentrate on fighting. This take of Niantic will almost surely be a big deviation from what most players of this game are used to.